When Audio-Technica released the Bluetooth version of its critically acclaimed M50s last year, any doubts about whether the headphones could deliver the same sound quality were swiftly dispelled. And now, the company has turned its sights to its entry-level M20s – implementing Bluetooth technology without compromising the audio. Priced in the budget range, these headphones compete well above their weight class.

The M20xBTs are a traditional over-ear closed-back design with 40mm drivers and are constructed using plastic, save for the internal metal headband. Consequently, they’re very light. On the left-hand ear cup are three buttons, a built-in microphone for phone calls, a USB-C port, and a 3.5mm port. We’re big fans of physical buttons on headphones, and from the three here, you can control volume, play, pause, and skip tracks when required.

The lightweight material makes these a comfortable pair of headphones. You’ll barely know you’re wearing them after a while, which is just as well given the exceptional battery life on offer here. From a single charge, you’ll get 60 hours of play. Yes, you read that right. 60 hours. And should you get caught short, a ten-minute burst will restore a generous three hours of play.

From a sound perspective, the M20xBTs will genuinely surprise you. We review headphones across all price ranges, and generally, at the lower end of the scale, you come to expect certain audio sacrifices. But not here. These are solid performers, with a well-balanced soundscape that is equally at home hosting Black Sabbath as it is with Beethoven. Call quality is consistent, too.

The M20xBTs also have multi-pairing, which means you can connect the headphones to two different sources, such as a laptop and smartphone. This spares you the hassle of continually disconnecting and reconnecting whenever you move between devices.

Shopping for headphones can depend on many factors. Brand familiarity, recommendations, and design all play a part, but the price is often the pivotal factor in the final purchase decision. If the budget doesn’t quite stretch to your lofty audio expectations, it’s worth considering the M20xBTs. They come from a critically acclaimed series, offer full wireless connectivity and all the benefits attached, and deliver an audio grade rarely found in a pair of headphones at this price point.

In the Box – The M20xBTs come with a USB-C charging cable and a 1.2metre 3.5mm jack for wired listening.

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