We do a lot of things really well in Australia, but tech isn’t usually the first thing that we think of. Perth based AudioFly have been working to change that, and have recently released their new wireless earbuds, the AudioFly AFT2.

The first thing that you notice upon prising open the fairly nondescript box is a metal tube. This is the charging dock and carrying case for these wireless earbuds, and it’s a smart piece of kit. One end has a small red button that, with a little push, displays the remaining battery life of the case, the other end is magnetic, so you could even store the charger on your fridge or some car dashboards should you wish. It’s quite big – roughly 90mm x 40mm x 35mm – so we wouldn’t want to jam it in a jeans pocket (although a certain member of Spinal Tap might find it handy to place in another part of their trousers), but it slots easily into a handbag or coat pocket.

Speaking of charging, the AFT2 delivers around 10 hours on a single charge, plus there’s a further 25 hours of use within the charging tube. They’re seriously impressive numbers. Charging is done by connecting the tube via a supplied USB-C cable, and zero to a full charge only takes around 90 minutes.Audiofly AFT2The earbuds themselves are cool looking, and perhaps a little larger than we were expecting. Two sizes of silicon tips are included, small and medium, so hopefully one or the other will provide your perfect ear fit.

We’ll speak more of comfort in-use shortly, but first, setting them up. We initially paired these Bluetooth beuaties with our PC,which quite literally took a matter of seconds before they were ready. Each bud has its own touch controls – a single tap toggles between play and pauses (or answers a call when paired to a phone – pairing with our trusty Android Nokia proved just as easy), a left double tap skips back a track, a right double tap skips forward, and a tap then hold at left lowers volume, at right turns it up. These can be a bit fiddly to get used to, but soon became second nature after a few unwanted pauses here and there.

All paired up, we set our trusty MediaMonkey going and tried a variety of songs. Our first thought? Where’s the bass? While mids and highs were coming through fine, there wasn’t much in the way of DOOF. It turned out that we hadn’t jammed the earbuds far enough into our lugholes. Once there – and getting used to the feel – sound was more evenly spread between highs and lows. For the sake of true wireless convenience certain sacrifices have to be made, and full-on bass is one of them – after all, these aren’t clunky audiophile wired headphones that cost a small fortune.

Offering a range of ~20 metres and even water/sweat resistance, if you’re looking for a trusty pair of earbuds with incredible battery life and want to keep things local, it’s definitely worth checking out the keenly-priced AudioFly AFT2.

AudioFly AFT2 True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are available now at JB Hi-Fi.

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