Polarised sunnies that stream music – how cool is that? Bose has ingeniously merged sound and vision in the Frames Tempo, with an eye for outdoor sports.

The Bose Frames Tempo Audio Sunglasses are the sort of 2-in-1 device you probably think you don’t really need until you’ve given them a road test. After receiving a pair for review, the simple genius of these hybrid shades quickly became apparent, and the Frames a constant companion throughout the summer holidays.

Even without the audio component, these are some seriously sleek and stylish sunglasses. Designed for runners, cyclists, hikers, climbers, and anyone who likes to keep active in the great outdoors, they’re lightweight and durable with a wraparound secure fit that eliminates any jiggle when increasing the pace. And they come with three sizes of nose pads to ensure a comfy, pinch-free fit.

Moreover, the polarised lenses don’t compromise vision like some sunnies do – visual acuity is superb, especially if you’ve become used to the overly dark veil that many brands can throw over the eyes. The scratch- and shatter-proof lenses block 99% of UV rays and they are interchangeable, depending on your preferred activity and lighting conditions; choose Road Orange for medium light or Trail Blue for medium- to low-light (sold separately).

If you’re the type that finds earbuds or headphones a cumbersome (albeit necessary) addition to an outdoor fitness regime, the Bose Frames Tempo will liberate your ears. Simply pair them with your smartphone via Bluetooth and link them to the Bose Music App to soundtrack your ride, or to make and receive calls while on the run. The dual microphone minimises wind and ambient noise, and there’s Siri or Google voice assistants for quick and convenient access to tracks and contacts.

22mm full range drivers in each arm sit just above the ears and deliver the exceptional audio that Bose is renowned for; the 360-degree soundscape is very impressive given their size, and any sound leakage is minimal. But where these audio sunnies really shine is the inclusion of Bose’s proprietary Open Ear Audio™, which lets you enjoy high quality sound while maintaining full aural awareness of your surroundings, unlike headphones and earbuds.

The controls are simple and intuitive. Swipe forward and back along the right temple to adjust the volume level, and tap the small button located beneath once to play and pause, twice to skip a track, and three times to return to the previous track. Too easy!

A one-hour charge will deliver up to eight hours of battery life, and an IPX4 water resistant rating protects the shades when you work up a sweat or get caught in a sun shower. Wipe them clean with the microfibre cloth included in the sturdy carry case, which also has a handy pocket to store the USB-C charging cable, so you’ll always know where it is.

The Bose Frames Temp Audio Sunglasses are not only a practical and convenient alternative to earbuds and headphones, they’re also an innovative bit of tech that sound great and keep you looking sharp.

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