Akin to having a high-end sound system plugged directly into your ears, these Bose earbuds deliver superior noise cancelling along with an amazing audio experience that belies their diminutive build.

Bose is a name synonymous with premium audio tech and have truly delivered on their claim that these earbuds boast world class noise cancelling. In fact, they are among the best noise cancelling earbuds available, utilising the tech usually found in high-end headphones and the dynamic audio to match.

So, what makes them stand out in the crowded NC marketplace? It’s a combination of advanced ear tips and Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology. The soft silicone ear tips not only provide a comfortable fit, they create a seal that blocks out external noise, while powerful and intuitive hidden microphones assess your surroundings and its ambient noise and create an opposing signal that completely mutes unwanted sounds.

There are ten levels of noise cancellation and two modes to select, depending on the amount of noise you require to be cancelled.

Quiet Mode will mute the outside world for those moments when you need to immerse yourself in cone of silence, like when you’re working from home and concentration is paramount, or you want to block out any annoying distractions whilst engaged in an online conference. Moreover, if you’re cycling in a strong wind, you’ll have a smooth ride with full spatial awareness. And noise cancelling is an absolute must when embarking on a long haul flight – many noise cancelling headphones and earbuds promise to mute cabin and engine noise, but the Bose QuietComforts actually deliver on that promise.

Then there is Aware Mode, which will let the outside world in at a level where you can simultaneously enjoy music or podcasts and still keep aural tabs on your external environment at a balanced volume. All it takes is a simple double tap on the left earbud to engage this function when you need it.

The earbuds’ intuitive touch interface gives you instant fingertip access to take calls, play or pause, volume control, and alter noise cancelling modes. And a sensitive internal mic has been designed to home in your voice while eliminating external sounds – you can sound like you’re indoors when you’re out and about on a noisy street.

When you want to enjoy the sounds of your favourite music playlist, that’s where Bose’s volume-optimised Active EQ technology comes into play. It’s another aspect that makes these earbuds really stand out, automatically boosting the highs and lows and maintaining deep bass to deliver balanced high fidelity audio that’s top notch – even when adjusting the volume level. And the buds’ high efficiency drivers ensure truly immersive sound quality – you’re guaranteed to marvel at the BIG sound these tiny, 8.5g devices can pump out!

Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity lets you easily pair the buds with your chosen device, and if accessing multiple sources, they will store the last seven devices paired and allow you to swap and select without the need for reconnecting – simply scroll using the Bluetooth button and select the one you want. Alternatively, you can connect directly from the Bluetooth menu on your device from up to 30 feet away. And set up is a cinch with the Bose Music app, which includes a Spotify shortcut – simply tap and hold the left bud to return to your last playlist or tap and hold once more to access a new one.

You’ll get six hours of battery life on a single charge, and two full charges (a total of 18 hours) when the buds are stored in the wireless charging case. A quick power-up will take 15 minutes and be good for two hours of use. Moreover, simply lifting the lid of the case conveniently pairs buds and device.

Perfect for work and play – and built for the gym, too, with an IPX4 rating for moisture protection – the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are a compact audio powerhouse with flawless noise cancelling and a wide soundstage that deserve our highest recommendation.

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