Monitor stands may seem like nothing special, but they come with many benefits. The Satechi Slim Monitor Stand delivers plenty of them – and looks cool while doing it!

The first port of call when employing a monitor stand is for raising a monitor up closer to eye level. That isn’t just convenient, it’s also something that your posture will generally thank you for, as less slump means less chance of potentially clocking up a mega physio bill. Satechi’s call-it-what-it-is Slim Monitor Stand raises things up by just over four centimetres, which isn’t a huge amount, but enough to really make a difference.

The other big advantage of a monitor stand is that it gets you some desk space back. While with a width of 40cm you can’t slide a full-sized keyboard underneath the Slim Monitor Stand, it’s perfect for smaller keyboards such as many of Apple’s ones or tenkeyless models. We ended up popping an audio interface and our Windows NUC beneath it, and regained a pile of desk space in the process. The included little rubber feet were also a nice touch for protecting our (rather battered) desk – but more so in stopping any slippage.

Satechi Slim Monitor Stand

Another thing that’s a must with a monitor stand is that it’s built to hold a bit of weight. Plastic stands may creak and moan, or otherwise not inspire full confidence. There’s no such issue here, for the Satechi Slim Monitor Stand is made of sturdy aluminium, and is capable fo holding up to just over 14kg. Even our monster 4K 32-inch monitor wasn’t too much for this stand to take. Meanwhile, if you don’t do the monitor thing and just use a laptop, this is another great way to lift it all up help alleviate some slump.

Lastly, looks. Many say that they don’t matter, but when it comes to your workspace, it sure doesn’t hurt to have things looking sleek. Designed to sit perfectly alongside Apple products, our Windows devices looked just as at home. At around the same price that you can pay for less sturdy plastic stands, the Satechi Slim Monitor Stand offers top value – and you won’t find a stand that looks much better, either!

The Satechi Slim Monitor Stand is available now at JB Hi-Fi, in black, space grey and silver.

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