If you want to look after your headphones, it’s good for them to have a home. The Satechi USB Headphone Stand Hub is a stylish option – and it goes one better.

If you like to keep things with a bit of design style, then Satechi’s USB Headphone Stand Hub is a really good choice. Sleek lines, simple and – most importantly – practical. It holds your headphones, and it looks great while doing so. But why stop there with the functionality?

If you’re going to take up some valuable desk real estate with a headphone stand, why not have it pull its weight in other ways? Enter the “USB’ and “Hub” parts of this Satechi stand.

Just plug one end of the included USB-C cable into the back of the easily assembled Satechi USB Headphone Stand Hub (just insert the stand bit in the base bit and you’re done) and the other end into a computer USB port and you instantly turn one USB-A port into a much handier three. Not only that, but you also get an audio port passthrough.

Satechi USB Headphone Stand Hub

In use it’s great, as with our setup it’s much easier to get to the Satechi’s ports than those on our computer, which is buried behind a monitor and a spaghetti nightmare of cables. It just works in every way that is intended – looking stylish while holding our headphones, and giving us more USB bang for our buck.

As far as holding your headphones goes, there’s a decently sized rubber pad up top to protect them, and clips on the pole which can be used to wind any headphone cord around.

Sure you can pay less for a headphone stand, but with the Satechi USB Headphone Stand Hub you get solid metal construction, fabulous looks and the added abilities of a USB hub. It can also save you from having more desk clutter via an individual stand and separate USB hub. Neat!

The Satechi USB Headphone Stand Hub is available now at JB Hi-Fi, in aluminium (silver, as pictured) and space grey.

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