What can you say about portable hard drives? They store data, they go with you… But they’re not all the same – we take a look at the latest from Seagate.

A fairly nondescript box houses a protective plastic clamshell, in which the pleasingly small hard drive is suspended – well. It’s a bit of a pain to get this open – just ask our fingernails – but once accomplished the drive is free to get busy with our data.

The Seagate One Touch drives are genuinely plug and play, at least on Windows 10 as tested. Just connect the supplied USB cable and a “Bom-bom-bom’ from our laptop later had the drive’s directory staring at us. Setup is apparently just as slick and simple on the Mac, as these units are designed to work on both formats out of the box – very handy, especially if you’re dealing with graphic designers.

Files marked ‘Start_Here’ lead into setup for either PC or Mac, from which you can register product and create backup plans, should you wish. The One Touch drives include a Rescue data recovery plan to help should the worst happen – data loss. Also included is a one-year subscription to Mylio’s Create, which is a thorough photo backup utility that helps protect and organise those precious photographic memories, as well as a four-month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, which includes Photoshop.

Seagate 4TB One Touch portable HDD

Alternatively, of course, you can just use the drive completely for storage. With its USB 3.2 connection the Seagate One Touch is a speedy critter, too. When it comes to transferring files between drives or computers, you can never have enough speed. Basically, you won’t get much quicker than this with a standard hard disk drive – you’d have to jump up to an SSD drive, which while very handy, only come with comparatively smaller storage sizes, and usually at significantly more cost.

Visually, the Seagate One Touch belongs in the plain but effective category. The brushed metal look front is surrounded by solid black, and there’s a small, almost pinprick-sized white light that lets you know when it’s on. Meanwhile, the drive feels solid in your grip, and doesn’t weigh enough to be an annoyance when slipped into a laptop bag or even a pocket. It didn’t take long for the One Touch and our handbag to become well acquainted, as our go-to device for taking big files with us wherever we go.

The Seagate One Touch range also works brilliantly as extra game console storage. Just plug it in, follow the relevant system’s formatting prompts and say goodbye to playing the install/uninstall shuffle due to the tiny drives that come as standard in these machines.

With a storage size to suit everybody, a suite of handy utilities, and surprisingly affordable prices ($149 for the 4TB as tested), the Seagate One Touch range is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking to either bolster your storage, or take it on the road with you.

The Seagate One Touch portable HDD is available now in various storage sizes.

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