STACK goes hands – and feet – on with the Segway-Ninebot E22 electric scooter.

I remember dragging an old scooter up a hill towards home as kid. It was a blisteringly hot day, patches of the road were softening into sticky black pools of tarmac, sprinklers fanned water across sunburnt lawns, and all I wanted to do was get home and have a cold glass of cordial. “Imagine if this scooter had a motor and I could just jump on it and cruise up the road,” I thought. “I could be home in ten minutes.” Just imagine…

Several decades later on a work trip to Los Angeles, that wish became a reality when I got my hands on a hired electric scooter for the first time. Gliding around the streets in West Hollywood re-engaged that sense of youthful exhilaration long abandoned in adulthood. “I’ve got to get one of those,” I remember thinking on the flight home. But not for the kids, no. One for me.

Fast forward a year and the opportunity to review the Segway-Ninebot E22 electric scooter came into my orbit, and I was all over it like heat on a chickpea jalfrezi.


If you work in one of the state capital cities around Australia, you would’ve noticed eScooters being employed by savvy city workers to get around the CBD with ease. More people are tapping into the convenience that electric scooters offer; and the fun element too!

The sturdily constructed E22 comes in at just over 13kgs and can fold down for easy stowage in the back of your car or on a train. As a rule of thumb, expect to get around 20+ kilometres of travel on a single charge, although this will differ significantly if most of the usage is uphill, drawing more from the battery. And talking of hills, the E22 can handle inclines of up to 12 degrees elevation (although I took it up steeper hills with no issues at all). Remember though, this is a scooter, so if you hit a steeper rise, just revert to manual power and use your pegs to get up the hill.

The E22 is easy to ride. You have a small LED display in the centre of the handlebars that’s operated by a button; this will show your speed in digital numerals. A second press of the button will fire up an LED headlight that is surprisingly effective. On the inside of each grip there is a lever; the one on the right is your accelerator, while the one on the left acts as a brake. You kick off as if you’re riding a traditional scooter and once you have enough momentum, the electric motor takes over and you’re off.


There are three modes to choose from: Cruise, Normal and Sports. Level speeds will top out at 21kph, but I did get 27kph out of it going down a hill – and trust me, that’s more than fast enough – just make sure you’re wearing a helmet. Fortunately, the scooter has a dual electric and mechanical braking system that works very well. Two shock absorbers make travel over uneven ground a little more comfortable.

Using an E22 does come with a warning: these things are ridiculously addictive. You’ll find yourself nipping out for a quick ten minute jaunt around the streets whenever you get some spare time. Harnessing the draw of nostalgia, the compulsion to get out and ride is overpowering. The realisation that you’re never too old to enjoy the thrill of hurtling down the street on a scooter is a liberating feeling.

The Segway-Ninebot E22 electric scooter is a well-designed, portable transport solution ideal for a myriad of different situations, from traversing the city in rush hour to putting in the back of a caravan on a trip away. Practicality and pleasure are a perfect combination, and the E22 offers both in abundance.

Please Note: Each state and territory in Australia has a different set of rules and regulations pertaining to the usage of e-scooters and e-boards (including where e-scooters and e-boards can legally be used and whether e-scooters and e-boards need to be registered with the relevant road traffic authority).  Any user of this product must ensure that that they check and abide by their local by-laws and use responsibly.  Ride with caution and always wear a helmet and protective gear when riding your e-scooter and e-board.

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