Monitor stands have more useful features than you might think, and the Twelve South Curve is a particularly good example.

Billed as a MacBook accessory, we’ll let you in on a little secret… the Curve works perfectly with any portable computer from 11 up to 15 inches. We installed our trusty Windows powerhouse on top of our test unit, and all of those benefits afforded to MacBooks are just as present.

So, what are these benefits? Perhaps the most important one is air flow. Computers can get hot, especially if you’re pushing them with tasks that need high processing power. So, lifting your machine up and letting air get right around it can avoid overheating, and possibly extend its life. The Twelve South people claim that their Curve leaves 70 per cent of the underside of your computer exposed.

The next benefit is that your computer is elevated by some 6.5 inches (~15.5 cm) on scratch-avoiding padded arms, the extra height meaning less hunching over, which can mean fewer potential neck and/or back problems. Perhaps even more appealing is that with your PC sitting higher, in these days of regular online chats, those with whom you converse now won’t be looking right up your nose. These things matter!

Twelve South Curve

With your computer elevated, some desk space is also freed up for other things. We have an external hard drive tucked under our Curve, along with our tiny Akai controller music keyboard. Or you may have a more typical setup, in which case you’ll have a new place in which to slide your external computer keyboard away when not in use. You may even have the Curve and your monitor off to the side, attached to a larger monitor. The key here is that the Curve has a relatively small footprint, so easily adapts to most any desk situation you can hurl at it.

Let’s be honest, looks matter too. If you’re like us, when you plop something on your desk you like it to exhibit a little style, and it’s here that the Twelve South Curve really shines. Made of aluminium and, in this case, presented in matte black (there’s also a white one available), this really looks the goods. It’s simple in design, without sacrificing functionality.

The Twelve South Curve may not be the cheapest notebook stand out there, but it’s certainly up there as one of the sturdiest, best looking and best functioning examples that we’ve ever parked our workhorse on.

The Twelve South Curve is available now, in black or white.

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