We’ve already been wooed by Twelve South’s marvellous Curve laptop stand, now they’ve taken up home under our monitor with the Curve Riser.

Unless your monitor has giraffe-like qualities, you’ll need something to lift it up closer to eye level – at least if you wish to maintain some semblance of good posture through life. There are many monitor stands out in the wild, but in our experience they, for the most part, look they were created by somebody with a blind eye for design – there are some absolute shockers out there!

So, when something as aesthetically pleasing as the Curve Riser comes along it’s reason to celebrate. Much like the Curve laptop stand (you can read more on that here), it’s marketed as a device for Apple iMacs, but can be used for pretty much any monitor that has a central stand, even if it doesn’t have a stylized piece of fruit adorning it.

Twelve South Curve Riser

The looks of the Curve Riser aren’t in question – sleek, black metal and pleasing-to-the-eye lines – but it’s also incredibly practical.

Beyond the ergonomics of having an eye level monitor, the very sturdy Curve Riser allows you to reclaim some desk space with its handy storage nook. Decently sized, you could use it for storing anything from pens and other office supplies through to gear such as a USB hub. If you’re really slammed for space you could also wedge something into the under-tray space.

Sure, you don’t need to spend what the Curve Riser costs to get a perfectly functional monitor stand, but if you’d rather have one that makes you smile whenever you see it then it’s hard to look past this one.

The Twelve South Curve Riser is available now at JB Hi-Fi.

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