Yamaha’s diminutive TW-E3B True Wireless In-Ear Headphones don’t just sound great, they also look after your hearing.

The explosion in the popularity of headphones and earbuds in recent years has brought with it the temptation to pump up the volume, often to excessive levels that can prove hazardous to the hearing over a long period of time. Consequently, it has also created a renewed focus on ear health, and that’s where Yamaha’s proprietary Listening Care technology comes in.

Designed to protect your ears, Listening Care utilises a 4-band parametric equaliser to assign settings to each level to deliver the best tonal balance at any volume, eliminating the need to crank it up and auto adapting the full sound spectrum for a more balanced audio experience. We road-tested the Foo Fighters at a volume level considerably lower than the default for hard rock and found no compromise in clarity and oomph.

These true wireless in-ear headphones are some of the smallest on the market – 25 per cent smaller than Yamaha’s previous TW-E3A offering – but not at the expense of sound, which remains big and dynamic even with the aforementioned Listening Care feature. Moreover, they have been revamped for user simplicity with easy to use buttons and a firmer non-slip fit, a built-in microphone, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity to your device of choice – as well as Siri/Google Assistant control and compatibility with the Yamaha Headphones Controller app.

You’ll get a maximum of six hours playback plus three recharges, and the headphones are IPX5 water resistant for those sweaty sessions at the gym.

Compact and fashionable for use at home and on the go, the TW-E3Bs are also nicely priced for those looking for entry level true wireless headphones or a spare pair.

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