If you’re after a sturdy laptop or tablet stand, then something from the Elevate range by Bonelk just may be the ticket.

There are three different models in the Elevate series, starting with the Bonelk Elevate, moving onto the Elevate Junior and finishing up with the RGB-infused Elevate Gamer.

All of them feature simple, reliable and definitely stable support for various laptops and tablets, and can also, of course, be used to hold other items (up to 3.5kg) such as text books, small music controller keyboards, graphics tablets, speakers and the like. Even a smaller monitor can sit happily on one of the larger models. They’re also all constructed from premium-grade aluminium for extra strength.

Bonelk Elevate

The original Bonelk Elevate, available in standard black or sleek white, is designed to accommodate laptops sized anywhere from 11- to 17-inches. Nice touches include non-slip rubber feet on the base, plus rubber padding at the top and bottom of the plate upon which you rest your precious gear, as well as on the bent-up holders. If your machine gets scratched this stand won’t be taking any blame.

There’s also an open hole on the main plate, allowing not only for better ventilation, but also a conduit for cables to flow through in that continued quest for neatness. The base is also flat, allowing a handy bit of extra storage space for everything from knick-knacks to your phone, pens and the like.

Assembly is an absolute doddle – there isn’t any! The Bonelk Elevate comes pre-assembled, you just need to move each of the two hinges to the angle that you feel is optimal for you to work at. A fair bit of elbow grease is required to move the hinged parts, which is a good thing as it means that when you set it at that desired angle, the Elevate is going to stay there. Need to take it with you? It folds flat and is easy to pop into a backpack or folio.

Bonelk Elevate Junior

Moving onto the Bonelk Elevate Junior, as the name suggests it’s a smaller option, designed for 10- to 14-inch devices. Able to lift whatever is atop it anywhere from 40 to 140mm, other than the centre hole it boasts all of the handy features that its larger sibling does, in this case with a single large rubber pad on the main platform as well as one smaller pad on each of the bottom grips.

Bonelk Elevate Gamer

Finally, we get to the rock star of the line-up, the Elevate Gamer. This one also inherits all the important functionalities of the original Elevate, but adds several extra design cues to the package.

The first is the presence of exes. Not old flames that you’d rather never see again, rather the baseplate is ex shaped, with the ventilation hole mirroring the shape. The second is the big draw for those who are into RGB lighting. Two light tubes run around the base of the Elevate Gamer’s main plate, offering a choice of seven different colours and “breathing” effects. Or, of course, you can just leave them off.

The lights connect via a supplied USB-A power cable, while a very handy USB-A to USB-C adaptor is also packed in.

Raising your machine anywhere from 40mm to 200mm, like the original this one’s designed for laptops ranging from 11- to 17-inches, but can also be used for holding other things. Otherwise, all the important and very useful features of the Elevate Gamer’s siblings are present and accounted for, with bonus rubber pads on the top of the base for resting such items as keyboards.

Bonelk Elevate Gamer

A laptop stand can deliver many benefits, from simply freeing up some desk space beneath your computer to helping your posture by stopping you from hunching over. With these three top-notch products, Bonelk really are a triple threat in the laptop stand space, and all without prices that will leave you gasping.

The Bonelk Elevate, Elevate Junior and Elevate Gamer are all available now at JB Hi-Fi.

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