In a bid to champion more inclusivity in gaming circles, Logitech G have unleashed their Aurora Collection of a new gaming headset, keyboards, mouse and accessories.

As well adopting a subtler colouring system of white (officially “White Mist”) with green and pink highlights over your typical black, black and more black, another intention of the new Aurora Collection is to take away some of the harshness of design that’s found in so many gaming accessories – and Logitech have succeeded with style.

While cynics who haven’t had hands-on with this new range may use Lisa Simpson’s Malibu Stacey “new hat” argument, work has really been done to deliver a range that gives women gamers more choice, yet there’s absolutely no reason why this gear needs to be gendered at all. Some will just dig the slightly different look, or the customisable nature of it, and they’re perfectly cromulent reasons for checking it out – plus, as it happens, it’s good!

Let’s look at the three main entries into the series one-by-one.

G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech Aurora Collection

Logitech claim that this has been purpose-built for smaller hands, and our medium-sized paws fit with it very nicely. Coming in the range’s standard “White Mist”, there’s a big three-zone RGB-lit smile, and contours that both allow for comfy thumb fit and enough arch so as not to aggravate hands that are a little delicate in the pain department due to all-day use. Some mice are just too flat, but this one has a pleasing and supportive bulge. It’s also lightweight enough without feeling cheap, coming in at just 85 grams.

In use, in our case with Windows 11, it hooks within seconds to Bluetooth – although you’ll need another active mouse to initially activate it. The alternative is connection via Logitech’s proprietary, dongle-led LIGHTSPEED system, or you can keep it plugged in via its USB-C to USB-A cable. Running wirelessly, we’re promised 40 hours with the RGB lighting on, much more without. We’ve found plugging it in to charge when we sign off at night means we’ve not been caught out juiceless even once. The device works very smoothly, and the buttons emit a satisfying click, without being too rowdy.

“Some mice are just too flat, but this one has a pleasing and supportive bulge.”

While aimed at gamers, the G705 works brilliantly as an everyday workhorse squeaker, but with features such as a gaming-grade sensor, six programmable buttons that are well-placed and a handy DPI cycling button, it’s more than ready for gaming time.

While customisable colour bits are a big thing with the Aurora line, unfortunately there’s no customisation for the mouse. But you can get hold of some nice pastel mousemats…

G713 and G715 keyboards

Logitech Aurora Collection

There are two keyboards in the Aurora range, both essentially the same save for one being permanently wired, and the other offering the freedom of wireless. The G715 is the latter, and it’s the one that we’ve been playing with.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that it’s a tenkeyless number – yep, no keypad. While that may make it more convenient for portability, it’s an instant “Nope” from us f0r regular use, as we’ve come to rely greatly upon that extra numerical clack-clack real estate. We cna only hope that Logitech receive the memo and add a full-size keyboard to the Aurora range, for the design of this abbreviated one is otherwise a fab combination of form and functionality.

It’s a full-on mechanical keyboard, with options for tactile, linear or, our personal fave, clicky (we prefer “clacky”, but whatever) – when we hit a key we want the world to know about it! In use it delivers great feel, and joy-of-joys the height of the unit is adjustable via two fold-out feet. The keycaps are made from double-shot PBT, too, so they’re built to survive.

“Going wireless delivers anywhere from 25 to 30 hours of clacking, dependent upon whether you engage the natty RGB lighting.”

Connection is, like the G705 mouse, via Bluetooth, LIGHTSPEED (only one dongle is required to hook both devices into your system – neat) or old school wired, the latter using the included USB-C to USB-A cable, which, like the one packed in with the mouse, is in matching white. Going wireless delivers anywhere from 25 to 30 hours of clacking, dependent upon whether you engage the natty RGB lighting. As well as offering programmable options for key backlighting across 16 zones, there’s also a pleasant glow that emanates from beneath the keyboard. It looks pretty cool when in action, even if it is just for show. Naturally it can be synced up with the lighting in the G705 mouse, too, as well as the headset, which we’ll get to shortly. For all the lighting trickery, the Logitech G HUB app is your friend, featuring thousands of customisable lighting combos, including Aurora Collection signature lighting that Logitech have christened “Play Moods”.

Another top feature of this keyboard is the selection of media keys up top, complete with a very handy volume roller.

Rounding out the package is the cutest darned writs rest that we’ve ever seen. That cloud-shaped thingy in the picture above? That’s it. Just the right level of squishy, it’s a joy to rest your wrists upon – if a little bumpy – however unless you subscribe to the Howard Hughes school of cleanliness then it’s guaranteed to turn into a grotty blecch-fest in absolutely no time at all. Glove time?

G735 Wireless Gaming Headset

Logitech Aurora Collection

At first glance the most typical looking device in the Aurora triumverate – even Logitech have given us a variety of colours in this space before – the G735 does come through with some thoughtful features that make it more than just another boring old wireless headset.

This one has taken more comfort considerations into, erm, consideration as it strives to suit all gamers. These include catering for glasses wearers, those with subtle or not-so earrings, and also long-haired types. As for those who dye their hair wild colours, it remains to be seen whether the “White Mist’ will survive without staining. Weighing in at just 260 grams, the device is also slightly more petitely sized, so there’s none of that clodhopping “LOOK! I’M WEARING A GAMING HEADSET!!!” vibe that so many such devices scream at you. Phew!

Also including vastly programmable RGB lighting, battery life is a claimed 56-hours plus (without the lights on – with you’ll be pushing it to nab 16), and, once again, connection comes via Bluetooth, LIGHTSPEED or, of course, classic cable connection – which you’ll need for such devices as Nintendo Switch. At this point it should be noted that in a stunning fit of oops for a premium-priced product, no 3.5mm cable is included. They can be grabbed quite cheaply, but it really is a surpise omission.

“…this is a headset that feels virtually imperceptible upon the bonce…”

We gave the G735 a run on every readily-connected device we could find, from Windows PC to PS5, Xbox Series X, Switch and our trusty Samsung S22. Now, before getting all technical, we have to comment on the comfiness. With soft materials a focus, this is a headset that feels virtually imperceptible upon the bonce (well, until the sound starts pumping) and was a joy to wear for extended periods – and we wear glasses to find whichever screen we’re peering at. Part of the joy of wearing this particular headset is that the earcups rotate to fit just right over the ears.

Now to get more techy. Logitech are claiming that the microphone is their first to feature their new Blue VO!CE microphone technology, and we’ve no reason to doubt them. In use, the mic is suitably flexible, and from all accounts we were coming through nice and clear at the end that matters – the other one. Excellent news is that the mic stalk is also detachable for when you don’t wish to rock the call centre look in public.

On-ear dual-audio mixing is a top feature, and favourite audio settings can be stored in G Hub as well as on the headset itself. With a 20-metre range you’re able to wander a bit should you wish, without worrying about dropping out. Charging is via the now (thankfully) standard USB-C to USB-A cable. This one’s actually included, too.


We can’t say bye-bye without mentioning the customisation features of the Aurora Collection. A bunch of extra bits and bobs are available, in the colours “Pink Dawn” and “Green Flash”, which, as you’ve likely guessed, are pastel-esque shades of pink and green, respectively.

Said bits and bobs – all sold separately – include functional items such as replacement headset mics and earcup pads, keyboard cover plates and keyboard keys (thankfully with the requisite puller tool for yanking the original ones off).

The fluffy cloud wrist rest is also available separately, as is a matching charm and a gorgeous loveheart-shaped case for the headset and mouse that sadly we didn’t get to play with. Oh, and there are also those mouse mats that we mentioned earlier.


Our only substantial concern with this fab new range from Logitech G is that white is the absolutely most grubby-attracting colour that exists, so those who get on board are going to have to be mindful of keeping their ace new gear all shiny and happy with the application of extra cleanliness care.

Otherwise, again, some may be cynical, but we reckon that the initiative shown by Logitech G to aim for some more inclusion in the game space is a mighty admirable one. The Aurora Collection delivers on its promise of offering gaming staples that have a bit more consideration beyond your stereotypical gamer, and the range on offer in this initial outing manages to deliver quality, as well as a pleasing and most welcome air of quirkiness.

The Logitech G Aurora Collection launches on August 29. Pre-order now at JB Hi-Fi.