While Aussies have always been the sort to embrace the great outdoors with all the benefits it has to offer, many have started paying more attention to personal health and well-being. And it’s not just a passing fad, either. Here’s some clever tech to help monitor and maintain your health. 

Technology has delivered multiple solutions to keeping track of our health which, not all that long ago, would’ve meant trips to the doctor for testing (though of course, you shouldn’t rely completely on results from health tech devices – if you notice something that’s concerning, see your GP to make sure there’s no underlying issues which need attention).

Bose Sleep Buds II
There’s one thing in life that has perhaps the greatest impact of all, both on our health and our mental well-being: sleep. A good night’s sleep is key to a healthy life. But with so many demands on our time at both work and home – plus the various stresses of life and the consequent difficulty in relaxing at the end of a hectic day – many people miss out on the quality sleep they need to function.

Some people turn to earplugs to shut out the sound of the world – but they can be uncomfortable to wear in bed, and many don’t like the unnatural silence when using them. Enter audio expert Bose’s clever fix for the problem: Sleepbuds! These are earbuds designed for one thing only – sleep – and they’re a unique solution to the problem. They’re crafted to fit comfortably in your ears and stay there while you sleep, and unlike many conventional earbuds, you can sleep on your side and not even feel that they’re there. These buds don’t connect to your phone or music player – instead, they only play audio from the Bose Sleep app, which range from the gentle sounds of rain, storms and forests, to noise-masking sounds and tones to shut out the outside world (and they’re great for those with tinnitus). The stylish charging case sits next to your bed and keeps them ready for the next good night’s sleep.

It’s an incredibly simple but clever idea – something at which Bose has become very skilled, with unique products like Sleepbuds as well as their latest didn’t-know-you-wanted-it-until-they-made-it invention: Bose Frames.

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Whitings BPM Connect Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor
One of the most useful home health devices you can have at hand is a blood pressure monitor. While your doctor can quickly and easily check your blood pressure when you’re in for a check-up, having the ability to do it yourself at home lets you see how it measures over time. This gives you more information to take to your doctor, as well as valuable insight into possible causes of elevated blood pressure, and even early warning if something’s not right.

Withings’ BPM Connect blood pressure monitor takes home monitoring into the digital age, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support to let you read and log your results in the free Health Mate app. Not only does that let you see and compare your results instantly, it also has full support for Apple Health, so you can include your readings with all your other health data on your phone and watch. As the name suggests, it can also measure heart rate, and has been tested against reference medical devices to ensure accuracy.

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Garmin Harmin HRM Pro Heart Rate Monitor
Speaking of heart rate, you’re probably familiar with the ability of most smart watches to report your current rate via light sensors that read your pulse through your wrist. That works surprisingly well, but for more accurate readings – especially important for those who do structured workouts or training – the better option is to use a heart rate monitoring strap. Garmin’s Harmin HRM Pro heart rate monitor works in tandem with the brand’s popular range of sports watches, constantly measuring accurate heart rate, and wirelessly sending the data to your watch in real time (or storing it to send later, if your watch isn’t with you). It also captures a wide range of running data that can be invaluable for training – and it can connect to compatible fitness equipment at your gym, too, as well as training apps like Zwift. Its replaceable button battery lasts up to a year.

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Bose Frames
They are, at first glance, rather futuristic and stylish-looking sunglasses with polarising lenses (though they can also be fitted with prescription lenses if needed), but there’s much more going on here. Built right into the arms of the glasses are Bose stereo speakers, which send high quality sound to your ears while still letting you hear the sounds of the world around you clearly. This makes them the perfect audio solution for an activity like cycling – during which you need to be able to hear approaching hazards – but they’re just as useful for all other outdoor activities. Other attempts at audio sunglasses have been made, but Bose Frames are the only ones that have properly nailed the sound quality – these sound way better than you might expect, and you can answer phone calls on them too!

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