“It’s just gimmicky” is a sentence we frequently hear when we talk about smart – or robot – vacuum cleaners. Admittedly, when robot vacs first hit the market, there were many reported issues and bugs, but robot vacs have come a long way and now form part of the regular cleaning regime in many homes.

And it’s not hard to see why they’re becoming increasingly popular. Busy lives leave very little time for chores, so being able to remotely turn a robot vac on and let it clean in your absence is right out of The Jetsons. Even when you’re home, there’s something reassuring about hearing the robot vac systematically working through its cleaning program as you sit on your seventh Teams meeting of the day.

Quick robot vacuum buying checklist

  1. Pick a robot vac suited to the size of your house. Are you Tony Stark? Then you’ll need a model that caters to more extensive surface areas.
  2. Note the size of the gaps under beds and sofas. Some thinner, profiled vacs can access these harder-to-reach areas with aplomb.
  3. Consider your floor coverings. If you have thick rugs in the house with tassels, cheaper robot vacs might get snagged.
  4. If you own shedding pets, make sure the model you buy is powerful enough to cater to animal hair.

Eufy L70 Hybrid RoboVac
150 minutes of cleaning at your fingertips while you sit back and enjoy a film, the Hybrid RoboVac has a 0.45L dustbin and combines vacuuming with mopping across a wide range of different floor surfaces. You can even control it with your voice.

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iRobot Roomba i3 Robot Vacuum
Great for standard vacuuming and pet hair, too, the Roomba i3 is so smart (in more ways than one) that once the bin onboard is full, it will return to its base and empty its load into a bigger bin. You won’t have to empty the bin for close to two months.

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  • Top tips for robot vac suck-cess
  • Robot vacs are exceptionally good at deploying sensor technology to avoid obstacles like stool legs and kid’s shoes. But if you want a comprehensive cleaning compatriot, opt for higher-end models that will allow you to create floorplans and build barriers to avoid obstacles you know will cause snagging issues.
  • Set up a regular automated cleaning schedule, so you don’t even need to think about starting the vac.
  • Some robot vacs can be adapted to mop as well as vacuum, taking another domestic burden off your to-do-list
  • Like you would with a conventional vacuum cleaner, doing a sweep of the house to pick up any loose items on the floor will ensure a trouble-free clean. Robot vacs love munching on charging cables.
  • Some of the more expensive models will self-empty into a base when full. A handy feature if you’re going out for the day and want your robot vac to clean in your absence.
  • Stay on top of the maintenance. Clean the brushes regularly – too much hair caught up on the rollers can lead to damage.
  • Once a robot vac runs low on battery, it will automatically return to its docking station. The charging dock should always be placed with easy access for the vac.
  • Some robot vacs even come with a built-in webcam, so you can log in from a smartphone and use the robot vac as a security camera.

Top tips to get your Smart Home started!