You now have your stunning new TV, so for best results you’ll need to look after it. Here are some top STACK tips.

1. Turn it off!
Yep, every TV has a lifespan, so if you leave it on 24/7, you’re effectively shortening this. Get into the habit of switching the TV off when you go to bed at night to extend its lifespan. And don’t forget about the savings made on electricity usage.

2. Clean it!
Ideally, your TV should be cleaned multiple times per week to keep out the dust. Not only will dust damage internal components over time, it can also wreck the screen. Use a dry microfibre cloth to clean the screen and surrounds.

3. Ventilate!
After prolonged use your TV will heat up, so ensure that the unit has plenty of ventilation to prevent it from overheating. Ideally, you’ll want at least 100mm of space at a minimum around the unit. In a perfect world, the TV should be mounted or positioned with plenty of space all around.

4. Surge protection!
More and more electronics users are considering protection against electricity spikes and surges that can damage precious tech. (See page 9 for an in-depth look at surge protectors.)

5. Protect the screen!
Do you have young children in the house? Try your best to keep hands and sharp objects away from the TV screen. Speaking from personal experience, this is a guaranteed way to permanently destroy the viewing experience.

6. Bright lights!
Monitor the brightness and contrast levels on the TV, as most will be set to maximum in the factory. By lowering these settings, you can extend the life of the TV.