A weak Wi-Fi signal is the stuff of technical nightmares in the modern, ultra-connected world. Video conferencing is an essential aspect of day-to-day comms for businesses working remotely and, talking from experience here, there’s nothing worse than video and audio freezing during a presentation.

Anything from an old router to walls and floors can impede a signal. And with more devices constantly being added to home networks, it’s important to have a router in place to handle the traffic. Here are five considerations when looking for a new router:

  1.  If you want the best, make sure that the router you’re eyeing has Wi-Fi 6. This is the latest wireless standard (released in 2020) and will provide the fastest speeds, lower latency, top-notch security, and better overall performance in handling multiple devices.
  2. To maximise fast speeds for consoles, TVs and desktops, a wired connection is essential, so look for a router with multiple ports. More than one USB port is also preferable if you connect a printer or NAS drive.
  3. Advanced Quality of Service (QoS) is an excellent feature that automatically allows the router to prioritise devices in the home that need more bandwidth.
  4. A mesh network is ideal for larger homes or dwellings with brick or concrete walls. It consists of a main router with several satellites positioned around the house to ‘extend’ the signal.
  5. Choose a router that will deliver speeds at least as fast as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) plan for the best speed performance. But remember, a fast router will not be able to speed up a slow internet connection.

Netgear Orbi
A comprehensive mesh-network router system from the masters in this field, Netgear, the Orbi comes in three different price and performance ranges. The base range is dual-band and the premium models – System 7 and 8 – tri-band. Complete with Wi-Fi 6, these stylish routers are easy to set up, have an exceptional range, and deliver breakneck speeds.

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Eero 6+
A fresh release from eero, the dual-band Wi-Fi 6 three-pack router system supports over 75 network-connected devices and offers large coverage (up to 140m2). It can handle speeds up to a gigabit and doubles as a smart hub for devices supported with Thread and Zigbee, with voice control through Alexa.

Do the Eero mesh!

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