When it’s time to totally concentrate, or if you need a soundtrack to help the creativity flow, investing in a good set of headphones is a necessity.

There are models designed specifically with IT use in mind, but if you have a gamer in the house, combining a gaming headset that is compatible with study use is certainly worth considering.

From a name you can trust in headphones, the excellent Audio-Technica G1 WL wireless headset features everything you need for gaming, whilst providing a good alternative for content creation and listening to your favourite bands. You’ll get 15 hours of battery life from one charge.

Audio-Technica G1 WL wireless headset

Noise in the home is inevitable and an unwelcome distraction during study time. If this is a regular annoyance, the answer could lie in a set of noise-cancelling headphones such as the superb Bose 700. Boasting a premium build, there are 11 levels of noise cancellation that range from passive noise to near-isolation. And you’ll get 20 hours from a single charge.

Bose 700