Much like the mouse, the keyboard has long been a computer peripheral filed under ‘that’ll do’. Yes, you can buy a relatively inexpensive keyboard but with the amount of pounding it’s likely to take, especially if used by multiple people, you’ll want something that will last more than six months. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a new keyboard:

Size matters
Study areas in the house can range from a purpose-built home office to a cupboard under the stairs. As such, a full-sized keyboard might not be the right fit for a study nook. Assess the space you have and pick a keyboard to suit.

Wired or wireless?
If your home study zone is a permanent set-up, a wired keyboard would be a good option. A wireless keyboard offers total flexibility, so you can work at the kitchen table or out in the garden. It’s worth remembering that, like mice, wireless keyboards use RF technology (you’ll need a spare USB port for the receiver) and Bluetooth connection, so if you’re trying to pair a device that doesn’t support a USB port, you’ll need to look at a Bluetooth option.

Gaming keyboards

If the student in your home is a PC gamer, consider investing in a gaming keyboard, which essentially kills two birds with one stone. Typically more robust, gaming keyboards are feature-packed with backlighting and mechanical keys and can be bought as wired or wireless models.

Logitech K580
Compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems, the ultra-thin Logitech K580 keyboard allows users to control multiple devices through a Bluetooth connection. It features a ledge for perching your devices in whilst typing, and a handy auto-sleep system means users will get 24 months of use before needing to change the batteries.

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Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard
The wired Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard takes comfort seriously and is designed to prevent injury and stress on your wrists during use. These ergonomic features are adjustable, offering complete versatility. A comfortable keyboard to type on, it also has a bucketload of shortcuts to utilise.

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Omen Encoder
A great crossover keyboard for gaming and study is the wired Omen Encoder. Mechanical keys make for accurate keystrokes, and the keys – which are individually backlit with LEDs – have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes. Two adjustable legs can be deployed for ultimate comfort during use. The Encoder works as well playing Fortnite as completing a school project.

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