In the past, for many of us, pulling out that old ball wired mouse from the drawer was always good enough. However, mouse design has undergone some major technological overhauls during the last ten years and these, particularly the advancements in ergonomics, offer some great benefits to the user. Most mice use optical or laser technology, which are essentially variations of the same tech. But you can only use an optical mouse on flat surfaces, whereas a laser mouse can be operated on just about any surface.

Here are some considerations when buying a new mouse:

If you spend an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer, then you’ll need a mouse that’s comfortable and won’t put unnecessary pressure on your wrist and fingers. Some users prefer a mouse that fits the entire palm of the hand, while others drive the mouse using just their fingers. Road testing different mice is a great way to choose the perfect design for your hand.

Wired or wireless?
Again, this is a personal decision, but wireless mice are certainly the more popular choice with users and they have come a long way in terms of reliability. Wireless mice use two types of technology: radio frequency and Bluetooth. It’s worth bearing in mind that unlike Bluetooth connectivity, RF mice require the use of a USB port as a receiver.

Gaming mice
Do you have any PC gamers in the house? A sure way of saving money in a potential mouse investment is to buy a gaming mouse that can double for homework. Available in both wired and wireless, a good gaming mouse is built to last.

Gearing up with accessories doesn’t mean boring grey.

Logitech M185
A reliable and comfortable wireless mouse for under $20? Hard to believe isn’t it, but that’s exactly what the Logitech M185 brings to the table. For that you get a simple plug-in-and-play mouse with a one-year battery life and a three-year warranty.

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Logitech MX Anywhere 3
Highly portable, the stylish MX Anywhere 3 lives up to its name and performs just as well at the desk or away from it. Comfortable and resilient, the mouse’s electromagnetic MagSpeed scroll wheel makes it faster to use, quieter and more precise.

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Logitech G703
The wireless Logitech G703 Hero mouse is an excellent crossover model for study and gaming. Highly responsive and lightweight, the G703 is compatible with the Logitech Powerplay charging system – as you move the mouse on the mat it charges as its used, making batteries a thing of the past.

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