There is nothing better than embarking on a run or gym workout, train or bus ride, or just some solitary moments at home, with music in your ears. However, choosing the right ear gear can indeed be a daunting process: over-ear; on-ear; buds… the list goes on. And a bloated ticket price doesn’t automatically guarantee a quality product.

But if you look hard, good alternatives for a fraction of the price can be found.

What should I look for?
What are you using the headphones for? If you’re looking for a pair to accompany you to the gym, ideally, you’ll need earbuds that fit securely and with an IP rating to ensure they’re resistant to sweat. Are you a vinyl enthusiast? Then a pair of over-ear headphones are likely to be a better choice. Want to close the world off while you work in peace? Noise-cancellation is a feature worth considering, although it’s a rare find in the budget range.

Wired or wireless?
Wireless headphones and earbuds are far more popular than their wired siblings these days, and significant advances in technology mean that the quality is good now too; no one has the time for tangles or inadvertently ripping a bud out of the ear when the wire gets caught.

User-friendly features are incorporated in ear gear at all levels, but obviously the premium models are more feature-packed. At the budget end of the scale you can expect to be able to control volume, skip a track, or take a call from the headphones or earbuds.

Sony WF-XB700
Quality performing, truly wireless earbuds with all the functionality you need including voice assistant and hands-free calling. But for the price, the real star here is the excellent overall sound – that extra bass is simply superb.

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Jam True Wireless In-Ear Sports
The motivation to work out is often driven through music, and this budget sports pair boasts a snug fit, good overall sound and a solid battery life. Now there’s no excuse not to get moving!

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Audio-Technica ATH-AN500BT
Audio-Technica is name you can trust in audio, and this solid sounding budget pair of over-ear headphones even comes with a noise cancellation feature. Battery life on this smart looking pair is 20 hours.

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JBL Tune 500BT
Cheap doesn’t always mean nasty, and that’s certainly the case here. Comfortable on-ear headphones with enhanced bass, this pair is perfectly suited to the casual listener looking for a good performer without the heavy price.

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