As TV technology continues to advance it also becomes more affordable. Nowadays you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars to upgrade to that 4K UHD Smart TV you’ve been coveting.

Budget-priced TVs can deliver solid overall performance and offer many of the key features touted by the more formidably priced high-end models – you can even enjoy the bigger-is-better benefits of a 65-inch screen for under a grand. They’re also the perfect option if you’re in the market for a second set for the bedroom, kitchen or children’s playroom. So if you’re not fussed by all the fancy bells and whistles that come with more expensive TVs and simply want a dependable and affordable all rounder boasting features that suit your requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Things to consider:

  1. Image quality
    Impressive picture quality is of course a must, and many budget 4K TVs support the UHD TV standard HDR (High Dynamic Range) that enhances colours and fine details. While the top end models will always have the edge in this department, if you’ve no desire to count the individual blades of grass on a football field then a budget model will more than meet your needs, and you can still enjoy the uptick in resolution from 4K discs and streaming services.
  2. Usage
    Consider what the TV will primarily be used for – watching movies and TV series on disc, gaming and sports, streaming apps – and look for the features that will serve you best. Budget TVs offer selected streaming apps built-in as well as a selection of screen modes that can be set according to your viewing preference. If the TV is a second set for the kids’ bedroom, basic is best – they probably won’t care if it doesn’t have HDR.
  3. Connectivity
    If you plan to connect a gaming console, 4K or Blu-ray disc player or a soundbar, make sure the TV has the sufficient number of HDMI inputs. USB ports are also a consideration should you wish to record and play back content. And if integration into an existing smart home ecosystem is a factor, many budget models offer Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility and Bluetooth connection.
  4. Screen size
    Purchasing an inexpensive TV doesn’t mean you have to compromise on screen size. Choose a size that best suits the TV’s location – a 65” set will be overwhelming for a bedroom (unless you want a luxurious cinematic experience while under the doona) where a 40” model may be better suited.

With a generous screen size, precision colour, HDR10 support, 4 x HDMI inputs, selected streaming apps and Google and Alexa integration, the fast and responsive Hisense Series 8 has everything you need from a 4K Smart TV sans the big price tag.

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You want big? This 65” whopper offers a cinematic experience with HDR10 support. Connectivity options include 3 x HDMI inputs, USB recording and playback, and Alexa compatibility. Selected streaming apps are included and it’s a cinch to set up.

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Ideal for the bedroom or small apartments without skimping on features, the TCL S645 delivers a Full HD 1080 image with HDR support for streaming and USB content. There’s smart home integration via Google Assistant, Bluetooth connectivity, a voice-control remote, 2 x HDMI ports, and built-in Chromecast lets you enjoy content from smart devices.

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A more compact entry in the smart TV space that delivers bold and vibrant colours (at 1366×768 resolution), Dolby audio, USB recording and playback, selected streaming apps and 2 x HDMI ports. The perfect second set.

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Looking to splash out? Check out the Samsung Terrace TV.

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