You know you feel it too; that sudden sense to wander. That feeling of adventure, a break from the everyday, that familiar feeling of discovering a new town – whatever you’re looking for, the open road is calling.

It’s hard not to get stuck between taking photos and being present in the moment; a daily struggle for a photographer. Look at it this way – when we are old and memories begin to fade with a lifetime of moments, won’t you want a memento to look back on fondly? Those little moments that didn’t seem important at the time; the back-alley bar you found on a night out; the first sunset in a new city; the laughs of friends. The moments you will wish you had again when they’re gone.

It’s time to pick up a camera and create some memories. We have you covered in making the most of your next road trip, wherever you may be going.

Don’t be afraid to pull over
If you see something that you think is photo worthy, pull over! Don’t be afraid to turn back and see what has caught your eye – the chances are that you might never see it again. If you get caught up in reaching your destination as soon as possible, you might miss the entire point of a road trip.

road trip photography

Check your angles
Don’t be afraid to explore different angles and perspectives on your trip. Use your camera to explore many perspectives such as overhead, straight, close up, or far away landscapes. if you’re shooting inside, try finding a sun patch, dark corner, or spot by the window, and play with the light showing on your subject to see what best creates the feeling you want to share through your work.

Chase the morning light
The early bird gets the shot. Not only do you get the best lighting in the early hours, but you also get it all to yourself, with considerably less travellers around parks and landmarks first thing in the morning.

Perfect imperfection
Your photos don’t need to be perfect. If your image has a weird composition or a bit out of focus, it’s OK, especially on a road trip. If you still like the photo and it’s telling a story, keep it – you’ll regret deleting the shot later.

If you’re looking for travel/road trip inspiration, check out Mackenzie Sweetnam, Venetia Dearden or Jack Morris on Instagram.

Essential Accessories

road trip photography

Polarising filters
The unsung hero of your road trip gear bag. A polarising filter works like sunglasses work on people. It protects your sensors from the harsh sun, the skies become a little clearer and reflections are little less blinding – an inexpensive way of improving your shots instantly.

road trip photography

On a road trip the car gets full, really quick. The best tip is to get a backpack specifically for your gear. Easy to grab, easy to store, and it will protect your gear from any flying hands, feet or open windows.

How to shoot: Nature
A few things to consider for breathtaking photographs of nature. Use a wide-angle lens for landscapes, to fit as much of this world into your shot. Shoot in RAW format to give your image the most editing potential. Define the subject of your image – go in with a plan, even if you make it up in a split second. Finally, and most importantly, natural light is your ally, but golden hour is your best friend. Take advantage of low light on a clear day and your images are halfway there.