Cameras have come a long away in the last few years. The gap between casual holiday snaps for the family and professional work becomes smaller and smaller, with a thirst for high quality content growing every day. Whether you are a jetsetter or a weekend warrior, streamer or concert goer, STACK has you covered if you’re looking to take photos and video from land, air or sea.

When you get into photography, there are a few essential accessories that you’ll want to pop in your camera bag.

Memory Cards

Caught on camera - accessory essentials

Almost doesn’t need to be said – you can’t do anything with your beautiful new camera without one of these. The faster the read and write speeds on the card, the faster you can take pictures and later transfer them onto your computer to edit them.

Hard Drive

Caught on camera - accessory essentials

When you are out and about on set, you might need to edit your pictures on site. A rugged, portable hard drive becomes essential to storing – and protecting – your work.


Caught on camera - accessory essentials

Interested in taking portraits? Or wildlife shots? Night-time landscape images? You’re going to need a tripod. Having one of the handy mates in a low light environment means that you can lower the shutter speed without any blur, allowing more light to enter the camera.

Spare Battery

Caught on camera - accessory essentials

Another essential that is often forgotten about until it’s too late. Could be the difference between missing the moment and cherishing it forever.

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