Not long ago, personal photography and videography was restricted to where the photographer could physically take their gear – now with the established entry of drones, the opportunities are endless.


Zero – X Pro Ascend Full HD Drone

Zero – X Pro Ascend Full HD Drone
Zero-X has recently launched the Pro Ascend, a Full 1080p HD, remote gimbal for smoother control, improved battery life (18 minutes flight time) and advanced GPS tracking.


DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic Mini
The small but powerful Mavic Mini is compact enough to fold away and not take up much room in your camera bag, and robust enough to provide 4km HD video transmission and 3-Axi gimbal for complete image stabilisation – perfect for those looking to enter the high end market.


DJI Mavic 2

DJI Mavic 2
This is the bee’s knees. The latest inclusion to DJI’s bulking lineup, the Mavic 2 features the fastest, latency free transmission, up to 72 kph max speeds, easier to use intelligent shooting modes, 4K HDR video and, most excitingly, is the first drone to feature adjustable aperture – adjusting to bright and low light situations for steadier clarity, crispier images and smoother video.


Australians are taking to the skies in record numbers. The more devices we put in the sky, the more important it is that we all understand the rules of the sky.

How high?
Up to 120 metres above ground level – that’s Usain Bolt running straight up for 10 seconds.

How close?
Must keep at least 30 metres away from other people – Drone distancing.

How many?
Just like a car, you can only control one at a time.

How far?
Five kilometres from airports, helipads and emergency operations.

How careful?
You must not fly over people in populated areas like beaches and sporting events in progress and, most importantly, respect personal privacy – don’t record or photograph the public without their consent.

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