Since the introduction of the ‘personal action camera’ in 2004, the world quickly became obsessed with the concept. Created by a Californian – on a surfing trip to Australia of all places – so he could film himself surfing, the first HERO released was a 35mm wrist mounted still camera with a maximum waterproof depth of five metres.

Fast forward 15 years and GoPro is now firmly a household name, still capturing those extreme moments in the snow, water and dirt track but also every holiday you go on, local sports days and now, with the rise of streaming, vlogging and TikTok; every other moment in between. To help with the shift towards vlogging and content creation needs, GoPro has launched its newest evolution, the MAX.

GoPro Max

GoPro MAX features

Having a dual lens 360 camera essentially means that you have three cameras in one: your favourite HERO forward facing camera, a selfie lens for recording yourself, or combine them for immersive 360 footage.

Max Hypersmooth and Timewarp
They aren’t just catchy buzz words! Hypersmooth will become the new norm in image stabilisation and horizon levelling while in TimeWarp will allow smooth, distortion free time lapses across both lenses.

360 Audio
To keep with the immersive theme, the MAX features directional audio – perfect for vlogging as well as wind and white noise reduction from its six built-in microphones.

Digital Lenses
Four separate and completely different lenses built into the camera’s body. Choose from Narrow, Linear, Wide and Max to customise your content feel.

Live Stream on Facebook, YouTube and more in 1080p High Definition at the touch of the screen. You can also create short clips in portrait mode to easily export for Snapchat and Instagram stories; your content will have never looked this good.

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Timeline of the GoPro


2002: GoPro is founded by Nick Woodman

2004: The 35mm still camera, the HERO is launched

2006: Digital HERO

2011-2014: HERO 2, 3, 3+, 4

2015: HERO + LCD – first product with a dedicated viewing screen is launched.

2018: HERO 2018 Edition launches, welcoming a new world of content creators into the GoPro community.

2019: The MAX launches.

Add these to your kit

Max Grip and Tripod
Your go-to addition to the MAX. Can be deployed as an extender for reaching higher and further, a grip to take advantage of both lens or a tripod for static video.


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It’s not as slick and exciting as the Grip and Tripod accessory but endlessly important when you’re out and about.


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