Cameras have come a long away in the last few years. The gap between casual holiday snaps for the family and professional work becomes smaller and smaller, with a thirst for high quality content growing every day. Whether you are a jetsetter or a weekend warrior, streamer or concert goer, STACK has you covered if you’re looking to take photos and video from land, air or sea.

Having a range of lenses in your kit will make you adaptable to any situation. The following are the most popular lenses to kick off your collection.

Some lens sizes may slightly alter depending on the manufacturer, but these are pretty standard:

50mm Prime Lens:
A staple in most photographer’s bags because of its neutral focal length and crisp focus ability.

16mm Prime Lens:
Want to fit more picture in your picture? The smaller the lens, the wider the image your camera will capture.

35mm Prime Lens:
Widely referred to as the closest focal length to the human eye. Traditionalists swear by the 35mm lens.

26 – 70mm Zoom Lens:
We would put money on this being your main lens, perfect for travel, wildlife, landscape and concerts. Get up close to your subject or take a few steps back and enjoy the flexibility during your shoot.

70 – 200mm Zoom Lens:
Can’t get close to your subject? The ability to zoom this far and maintain quality of image is perfect for music festivals, candid moments and, most importantly, if you’re ever on safari.

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