Mirrorless cameras have taken more and more of the spotlight in recent times, as photographers everywhere shift towards the compact line of high-end cameras. If you think you take good pictures on your phone, wait until you take one of these for a spin!

Why mirrorless?

From the outside, mirrorless cameras can be perceived as a lesser version of their DSLR counterparts, given their slight size and weight. But to understand why it is so small, you need to understand why a DSLR is so big.

While the DSLR uses a complex system of mirrors and sensors to capture an image, mirrorless cameras capture straight from the sensor through a single shutter. By removing the mirrors, the camera becomes smaller and lighter, but sacrifices the DSLR’s extended battery life due to the mirrorless shutter working overtime to do the job of a whole DSLR system.

Pros of mirrorless cameras
• Light and compact
• Quieter than other cameras (fewer moving parts)
• Enhanced video modes
• In-body image stabilisation
• Peak low light performance

• Battery life considerations
• Availability of extended product ranges (interchangeable lens, etc)

Fujifilm X-E4 Mirrorless Camera
The new X-E4 is taking the whole ‘mirrorless cameras are more compact’ conversation to a whole new level. It’s compact enough to fit in your pocket! Stylish on the outside, Fujifilm’s latest release boasts 26.1MP, 4K video, 180-degree LCD screen and advanced Auto Focus features. Make more with less and never miss another moment again.

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Canon EOS M50 Mark II
Although it’s positioned in the entry level market, the M50 Mark II is noticeably feature-packed. The camera holds the 24MP and 4K video of its popular predecessor, the M50, with upgraded subject tracking and powerful eye auto focus – your go-to for school functions, backyard BBQs, or chasing around your furry friends for a snap.

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Sony Alpha a7C
Sony has one-upped the mirrorless market once again with the newest addition to its popular Alpha series – the a7C is full frame in a new form. With many of the features from the wildly popular A7III included, such as 24MP sensor and in-body stabilisation, the innovation in the a7C is its stunning auto focus upgrades and compact design – much like the Fujifilm X-E4.

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How to take the perfect picture of Mum
Getting Mum to stop for a second to take a nice portrait isn’t going to be easy, but with these quick tips you’ll get something you will cherish forever.

Light – Lighting is extremely important and without good lighting, your photo doesn’t stand a chance. If you’re looking for natural lighting, the best moments are just after sunrise and, more importantly, just before sunset. These times, when the sun is at its lowest, are known as the Golden Hour for good reason.

Continuous Shooting – This is an underrated technique. By selecting continuous shooting on your camera, you can take as many as 10-50 photos in a burst so that you capture the perfect moment, free of imperfections, blinking, and whole movements.

Candid – Our favourite moments of a portrait are the ones immediately after the portrait has been taken. In that moment the subject relaxes, and if you’re quick, you’ll capture the most authentic moment of the shoot.