While digital cameras have expanded the world of photography beyond belief, they will never replace that feeling of holding a physical image; the nostalgia, the sense of occasion, the emotions – all in the palm of your hand. An instant camera might not fill all the requirements of your camera bag, but it’s an essential piece of any photography kit.

You can’t be as blasé about your instant shots as you can with the luxury of digital, though. Make sure you assess the lighting and use inbuilt flashes if needed. You can also utilise the mirror on the lens to frame the perfect instant selfie if you’re that way inclined.

Instant recommendations

Instax Mini 11
If you’re looking for a portable point-and-shoot instant camera, you can’t go past the Mini series. A staple for years, the Mini 11 has a bunch of settings to optimise lighting and capture your new favourite memory.

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Instax Mini LiPlay Instant Camera
If you’re caught between taking photos on your phone and your instant camera, this is the camera for you. Shoot and print directly from the camera or connect your phone to perfect the image before sending it to the camera to print instantly.

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Mini EVO Instant
The newest entry to Fujifilm’s instant family – the mini EVO is the most functional entry yet, not to mention the best looking. With 100 different combinations of film and lens effects, you can really get creative with your images before they print and live forever as a physical photo.

You can also use your phone as a remote, finding a resolution for the instant big group shot – finally, the photographer can be in the picture too!

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One of the most common questions you see is about the film developing. While it is dependent on some variables like temperature, instant film should take about 8-10 minutes to fully develop. While we are on the subject, shaking and blowing on the film does not assist with the development of the photo – it does look good in the movies though.


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