Taking your entertainment on the road has never been easier.

If you’re heading for the great outdoors for some quality time with the family, sticking a portable projector into the bag is a great way to keep you entertained. A smartphone or tablet works well on the drive or flight, but a portable projector will create endless hours of entertainment at the destination. And the best bit? You don’t have to drag around a screen for a mobile movie night – any appropriate surface will do.

If you’re in a hotel or cabin, you can transform any blank surface into a big screen in seconds. But what if your getaway involves tent pegs and sleeping bags? No problem! Just pack a sheet, peg it up inside the tent and voila, you have a screen just waiting for the main feature to begin. If all else fails, you could even project the film or video onto the side of the tent. The only thing holding you back is your own creativity.

Grab a projector!

Philips PicoPix Nano
For those who love the idea of projecting without the need for constant power, the Philips PicoPix Nano Projector is a solid pick that’s also small enough to slip into your pocket! Big things do indeed come in little packages and there’s some impressive power at play here. Images can be projected up to 60 inches and there’s an inbuilt speaker, so mobility isn’t hampered by the need for external sound support. Plus, there’s 80 minutes of battery life; just enough time for a movie. The PicoPix Nano boasts 30,000-hour LED life, so this pocket projector will be your pal for many years to come. You can also stream content via Wi-Fi or plug in with MicroSD and USB ports.

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Philips NeoPix Easy
The Philips NeoPix Easy is a great pick for a first portable projector. You get a whopping 30,000 hours of life from the LED light source that’s built to show off vivid colours. It can project images up to 80 inches (from under two metres away), and it’s ready to go out of the box. Inbuilt Bluetooth and wireless will connect external essentials, while Wi-Fi screen mirroring lets you cast from supported smart devices. As for the all-important audio, the Easy+ comes with inbuilt stereo speakers, so no external sound source is needed.

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Five movies to watch under the stars
Setting up your mini projector to watch movies under the stars – either on a camping trip or in the back garden – is a wonderful experience. Here are five flicks that are ideal to watch under the night sky.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind
After Steven Spielberg made a splash with Jaws, he turned his attention to UFOs and delivered a film that had every kid who saw it wishing for their own alien close encounter. Watch the skies…

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
Another benevolent alien film from Spielberg, but this one tells the beautiful story of a boy and his bond with a visitor from another world. We dare you not to cry at the conclusion!

Star Wars: A New Hope
What could be more appropriate viewing under the stars than the story of that galaxy far, far away that gave us Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and a glorious run of action figures.

A Pixar masterpiece, the adorable WALL-E tells the story of a lonely robot left on Earth to clean up the trash left by the remnants of humanity. When an unexpected visitor arrives, the garbage collecting droid follows her across the universe…

Guardians of the Galaxy
A motley crew of heroes (including a talking raccoon and a walking tree), a wonderful cast, an irreverent tone and an awesome mix of ’80s tracks equals Marvel movie perfection. We are Groot!