Clock up the kudos at school with one of these strapped to your wrist.

Smartwatches are ubiquitous amongst the adult population. The benefits of being able to communicate, deploy GPS and track your daily activity and health has made them an essential device for many users. But smartwatches aren’t just limited to adults. The youth market is thriving as parents get their heads around the benefits of buying one for the minors in their lives.

But why exactly should you buy one? The obvious place to start is safety. Who doesn’t want to know where their child is when they’re out and about for the day? GPS trackers are standard in most smartwatches, so you can track where your loved ones are in real time and take an additional worry out of your busy day.

“These watches are going to be put through the wringer, so you want one that will withstand plenty of knocks…”

While not all smartphones feature this function, having the ability to directly communicate is an obvious plus, with two-way voice and messaging being the preference or if the budget permits, even video calling. Remember though, for this feature you’ll need a model with cellular connectivity.

Another important consideration is durability. These watches are going to be put through the wringer, so you want one that will withstand plenty of knocks and, of course, be waterproof. Then there is the activity tracking component. Worried that your little un’ is spending too much time on the PlayStation? Well you can set – and monitor – physical activities to be completed on their smartwatch.

So, are you sold on the concept? Here are two for your consideration…

Garmin Jr Spacetalk Smartwatch

Garmin JR Spacetalk Smartwatch

For safety reasons alone, the Spacetalk is a popular choice amongst parents. There is no camera, it’s impossible to access social media, and the functionality of the smartwatch can be controlled via the ALLMyTribe app installed on a parent’s smartphone.

It also features two-way talking for instant voice communication, with call times controlled via the aforementioned app, SMS, and location tracking, so you know exactly where your child is at all times. There’s even an SOS button programmed to alert pre-set phone numbers.

The Spacewalk has a built-in step counter to monitor daily exercise goals, a stopwatch, even a torch. This watch was designed in Australia for Australian families and all of the data from the watch is protected by Australian privacy and security laws.

Garmin Vivo T JR 2 Fitness Tracker: Star Wars – Darkside

This smartwatch is the perfect accompaniment for the Star Wars fan in the house, available in two designs: Dark Side or Light Side. However, this is a fitness tracker designed to get the kids physically active, but it doesn’t have a communication function built in.

Once a 50-minute activity is completed, part of an app-themed game called Skywalker Saga: A Star Wars Adventure is unlocked, providing the incentive to get up and go. These activities can be monitored via a parent’s smartphone. Features include steps, chores where rewards are earned, a sleep monitor and a stopwatch.

Built to withstand the biggest playground knocks and tumbles, the Garmin Vivofit JR 2 Fitness Tracker is also swim proof.