Protecting your home using smart lock technology is the way to go for both the security conscious and sometimes forgetful alike.

For starters, you have the convenient ability to unlock your home from anywhere and set different digital keys for a list of pre-approved visitors. Secondly, if you’re the type who often forgets to latch on the way out, you can always give yourself a friendly reminder by also hooking up a quick routine to flick your lights whenever you exit a boundary without engaging any smart locks.

The Yale Assure Lock SL Digital Deadbolt, along with its Network Module, is a good place to start for smart home security.

Using a touchpad design that’s a 100 per cent keyless solution, this device will let you create up to 25 unique PIN codes for whoever will be coming and going. Changing these can be done in a matter of seconds, which is great if you’ve got an Airbnb or rental setup or you’re just a mercurial type whose list of perceived friends and foes changes on a daily basis.

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Lastly, some other benefits include one-touch unlocking, for when you insist on heaving 12 bags of shopping through the front door in one Herculean trip. There’s also little chance of a nightmare scenario where this runs out of juice, leaving you on the wrong side of the door that secures all of your earthly stuff. When Yale smart locks get down to a quarter of their battery, you’re continuously reminded to rectify the situation. No sleeping in the doghouse for you.

The Smart Home Starter Kit – all you need

If you have an at-risk or elderly loved one, and you’ve an all-important conversation about the pros and cons of privacy vs. hazard prevention, smart cameras might be a device you’ll both agree upon. External cameras are obviously great for deterring and reporting break-in attempts, but an appropriately placed internal one can be a lifesaver if an accident, slip or fall occurs. Conversely, and to lessen the misconception of being a sticky beak, why not look into a two-way camera that can provide a virtual social outlet for an elderly loved one?

A Smart Home is assisted living made easy