It’s that one day of the year when we get to say a great big thanks to dad and show our appreciation with the perfect gift. But of course, it’s not always as simple as that.

While there are suggestions everywhere about the perfect picks for Father’s Day, there’s one angle that not as many think of – the quality time that dad gets to spend away from the day-to-day of life. Whether it’s quality solo time listening to music, time with the family watching movies, TV and sport, or even getting online and gaming with friends – it’s all precious quality time that can add colour and warmth to life.

And there are plenty of ways to enhance dad’s quality time with a well-chosen gift that encourages slowing down for a bit, relaxing and enjoying the good things.

Of course, there’s probably one place, much more than others, where many dads prefer to spend some quality time – watching TV. Yes, it’s been the central pillar of family home life for over 60 years, but with the more recent arrival of movie and TV streaming services, high-quality home media formats like 4K Ultra HD discs and 4K gaming on the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, the humble “box” has become a big-screened technical marvel to deliver all that 4K goodness to the living room.

LG knows large screen 4K quality better than most. An industry leader in this new age of super-high-quality TV pictures, LG has repeatedly pushed the boundaries, and their latest Nano91 TV is an absolutely jaw-dropping thing to behold. With a screen size of 75 inches diagonally, this is a screen that becomes the focus of attention in the room when it’s on but is thin enough to stay out of the way when it’s not. An LCD screen using full-array dimming, and nanoparticles to ensure accurate colour and a huge viewing angle, it’s perfect for that big screen cinema experience at home, with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos sound. It also supports all the latest tech used by the current generation of game consoles, making it a huge upgrade for gaming.

As Australia’s most popular TV brand, Samsung has a terrific alternative in the form of their Q70A, a monster 85-inch screen that uses the company’s acclaimed Quantum Dot tech for vivid colour and super-sharp picture no matter what the source, thanks to AI upscaling. It’s a great choice for sports-fan dads, with its Motion Rate 200 screen making sure all the action is blur-free and fast. Also using AI to constantly tweak the picture to match the room, it aims to look just as good when you’re watching regular TV as it does when you’re watching a 4K movie.

Of course, if gaming on a PC is more dad’s thing, that old PC he uses for work might not be delivering the gaming goods, especially if it’s a few years old. And since a new PC built to handle games will also run everything else more smoothly, it can make for the perfect PC setup that works just as well for quality time with the latest games as it does for work tasks.

ASUS, always at the front of the pack for gaming PCs, delivers both power and keen value in its ROG Strix GA15 desktop, which pairs a multi-core Ryzen processor with an Nvidia GTX1650 Super graphics card in a PC that’s ready for Windows 11 (a free upgrade later this year) and enough grunt for games in a stylish package. Dell, meanwhile, goes with an Intel i7 for its G5 gaming desktop, also Windows 11 ready and sporting a more restrained external case design than the ASUS.

Dad might, however, be more the music type – and with vinyl records having made a massive comeback over the past few years – and many dads already having a collection of classic vinyl from years ago – a top-quality turntable can make all the difference to that quality time with favourite albums. Audio-Technica has garnered tons of acclaim for their popular LP120XUSB turntable, a direct drive deck with modern features included such as USB connectivity, letting you record vinyl to a PC effortlessly. It’s a fully manual turntable, too, for the true vinyl experience.

father's day gift idea

Bose Soundlink Revolve II

For music on the go, though, a wireless speaker makes a great gift for a dad who spends his quality time out in the great outdoors. Using Bluetooth to connect to any smartphone, these brilliant portable speakers can deliver music, podcasts or anything else with volume and clarity that’s surprising for their size. Audio experts Bose promise 12 hours of battery life from their SoundLink Revolve II speaker, which puts out 360-degree sound – stick it next to the campfire and you’re sorted for sound for the day (and it’s water resistant, too). You’ll get 360-degree sound from the iconic Ultimate Ears BOOM 3, too, a speaker “born to get wet” – it has an IP67 water and dust rating. With 15-hour battery life, it’s a great pick for an outdoors dad.

But what about the dad who “has everything?” – that hardest of gifts to find, especially if you’re aiming to encourage quality time. Maybe the 21st century version of the legendary Rubik’s Cube fits the bill – a connected version of the Cube that links to a phone or tablet, teaches you how to solve it, and once you’ve beaten the impossible, challenge people around the world for the fastest time. However, it still works just great as one of the most relaxing time-passers around.