Thinking of buying a new TV and worried about the installation process? Let JB take the stress out of the decision with its TV installation service.

There are some who live among us that are proficient DIYers who would relish the opportunity – and have the requisite skills – to undertake a TV installation. For everyone else, thankfully, JB offers a professional installation service that encompasses everything you need to get your TV up and running. It’s not just about bolting a bracket to the wall and dropping the TV onto it.

Every job presents different challenges, from wall types to hidden power cables and water or gas pipes, to IT requirements, so having a trained and background-checked technician on hand is essential.

Doug Fuller is a full-time professional technician supplying installation services to JB Hi-Fi. While new TV installation makes up the bulk of his work, the JB service also offers support for existing TVs in the customer’s home (you’ll just need to buy the bracket in-store or online and then book an install), as well as computers, audio, smartphones, routers, and smart home setups. On average, installing a standard TV can take anywhere between one to three hours, depending on the house and the size of the TV involved. However, there are measures a customer can implement to help expedite the installation process.

“If the customer is having a TV wall-mounted, they can sit down and look at the wall to decide how high they want it and where they would like it in relation to the middle of the room,” Doug says.

“As a general rule of thumb, if it’s a 75” TV, we’d say it should be roughly between 900mm and 1100mm to the floor. Bigger TVs go lower and smaller TVs higher; your head should be in the bottom one-third of the TV when sitting on the couch.

“And also try to have all your Wi-Fi and TV streaming service passwords ready so we can set everything up. A lot of people don’t know their passwords,” he laughs. “And putting any animals outside can make things easier.”

Technicians like Doug bring with them a wealth of experience in assessing the wall type for installation. Whether it’s a 150-year-old house with lath and plaster walls or solid brickwork, he will find a solution not just to hang the TV but to hide the cables too. And they pride themselves on working neatly. Drop sheets are used, and any remaining debris is swept up and vacuumed. The best bit? They get rid of the box at the end of the job. If you’ve bought a TV recently, you’ll know how big these boxes are; then there’s the dreaded polystyrene.

“When we tell the customers when we’re cleaning that we’ll take the box away and recycle it at JB Hi-Fi, they say, ‘Oh wow!'” says Doug. “Polystyrene is horrible stuff that would fill up bins for weeks.”
So, what advice would Doug give to potential customers weighing up whether to attempt an install themselves or enlist the assistance of a JB technician?
“If you don’t have the skill level required for the job, or the time it takes to try and fit it and take it on and off the wall to get it just right, we get it done much quicker,” Doug says. “It’s painless; we clean up and take away all the rubbish, then show the customer how to use it. We can also connect every device, but most importantly, it’s safe.”

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So, what do you get for your moolah?

  • Safe and insured works
  • Convenient appointments
  • Installation of a TV wall bracket (pre-purchased) to the wall
  • Unbox and mount the TV
  • Connect to power and Wi-Fi
  • Tune Free to Air channels
  • Connect to one existing streaming service
  • Re-connect up to five ‘plug & play’ components (e.g., Blu-ray player or console)
  • Arrange cables neatly with coil or ties (or behind the wall for an additional fee)
  • Basic tutorial on using your new TV (up to 15 minutes)
  • Clean up and disposal of packaging