LG brings bigger and smarter TVs in 2022 with its OLED and QNED ranges, and there’s good news for gamers. Plus, the LG EVO G2 improves on its offering.

Synonymous with OLED technology and industry-leading features, LG ups the ante this year with bigger and brighter OLED panels, more intelligent HDR optimisation and 4K upscaling, and improved QNED functionality. And dedicated gamers can look forward to clearer and smoother play with a raft of new options.

LG’s OLED evo Gallery series – an incredibly thin, lifestyle/smart TV designed to artistically complement a room’s décor – has evolved again this year, with the G2 77” Gallery OLED evo 4K leading the charge.

OLED’s self-lit pixels, which deliver those deep blacks and accurate contrast the tech is championed for, have been given a brightness boost with the addition of a new heat sink layer that makes the G2 even brighter than its 2021 counterpart. The A9 Gen 5 AI processor has been tweaked to adjust and enhance foreground and background objects, bringing a more natural depth and better colour reproduction to the picture, while the all-new Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro function recognises the type of content and zeroes in on over 5,000 areas (compared with under 600 in 2021 models) across the screen for faster optimisation of HDR images.

Dolby Vision is currently the most advanced HDR system and the go-to format for movie buffs for the incredible fine detail and clarity it brings to 4K HDR content, and it’s set to look even better on the G2 OLED evo.

Dolby Vision IQ is a world-first software feature that offers precision detail and greater flexibility when optimising DV content by combining the dynamic (frame by frame) Dolby Vision metadata with a light sensor for more accurate calibration of the picture in varying lighting conditions.

AI Picture Pro further enhances contrast and resolution using upgraded AI upscaling and tone mapping, with Effect Enhancement maximising the depth of field between the background and foreground.

Collectively, these image enhancement upgrades bring a next-level uptick to the already superb resolution displayed by OLED.


The G2 Gallery series is available in screen sizes of 55”, 65”, 77” and 83” that include a slim wall mount, with the option of a cabinet/table stand (sold separately).

LG’s QNED series – which combines quantum dot, NanoCell and mini LED for strong peak brightness, contrast ratios and viewing angle colour accuracy – also come with new tech under the hood this year, sharing some of the premium features of the G2 and moving QNED closer in line to the celebrated picture quality of OLED.

Powered by mini LED backlighting, the QNED 91 75” 4K features Precision Dimming Pro – the flagship dimming tech in LG’s QNED range – to control over 900 independent mini LED zones for precise blacks and contrast in dark scenes.

This greater accuracy not only pumps up the resolution of 4K HDR, but also significantly improves SD and HD content (depending on the source quality, of course). Add Dolby Vision IQ, and the QNED 91 nudges even closer to OLED excellence.

On the audio front, AI Sound Pro conveniently optimises the audio according to the type of content being viewed, and will also upmix 2-channel audio into 5.1.2 virtual surround. There’s support for Dolby Atmos content, too, for a more spatial soundscape.

LG’s LED 4K smart TVs also take advantage of mini LED dimming tech, with Dimming Pro available on LG’s QNED 80 75” 4K model to deliver the best possible contrast by using multiple LED zones, while Dynamic Tone Mapping adds greater detail to HDR content. These additions push LED picture quality closer to the superior blacks and contrast of mini LED, while the intuitive A7 Gen5 AI processor’s deep-learning algorithms ensure an enhanced viewing experience every time.

With LG’s intelligent image enhancement tech taking big strides forward in the pursuit of viewing excellence, the gap between mini LED and OLED continues to shrink.

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LG’s 2022 range has some game-changing specs for console jockeys, with HDMI 2.1 connectivity for 4K 120Hz, VRR, ALLM and eARC, while the G2 Gallery 77” OLED evo boasts Dolby Vision gaming at 4K 120Hz, 1ms response time, plus NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium support. There is also a Game Optimiser that stores settings in one easily accessible menu, and a Gaming Dashboard for quick access to current settings. Moreover, LG’s 2022 TVs feature built-in NVIDIA GeForce Now, providing access to hundreds of new games from the cloud gaming service.