A Fetch TV box opens up a world of entertainment options, including Dolby Vision and Atmos support on the newly upgraded Fetch Mighty (Gen 4).

Fundamentally similar to a Foxtel or Apple TV set-top box, Fetch TV enables access to free-to-air channels, streaming services, movie rentals and purchases, catch-up apps, YouTube and more from one central entertainment hub.

It’s also a PVR (personal video recorder), bringing the convenience of recording and time-shifting programmes and the versatility of watching one show while another is recording – or watch from the start as it’s recording.

A Wi-Fi enabled Fetch TV set-top box is available in several types, and which one you choose depends on how seriously you take your viewing.

“A world of entertainment awaits with Fetch TV”

For the casual viewer, the Fetch Mini 4K offers a single HD tuner with 7-day EPG, TV and movie store, limited streaming services, free-to-air and catch-up channels, plus the option to add extra premium entertainment and documentary channels for a low monthly fee. It also supports 4K UHD streaming and upscaling.

The more dedicated television and movie buff will want the new Fetch Mighty (Gen 4), which offers all of the above – and more – as well as several hardware upgrades that improve upon its predecessor, the Fetch Mighty. The Gen 4 model adds Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos to a Fetch box, along with 4GB RAM and double the flash storage of the Mighty.

The Mighty (Gen 4) is perhaps the ultimate in PVR convenience, packing a quad HD tuner and a 1TB hard disk drive, allowing recording of up to 585 hours of SD content and six channels simultaneously, plus the ability to pause and rewind live TV. There’s also a ‘series tag’ option that will automatically record every episode of your favourite shows and then store them in an easy-access folder.

Fetch TV boxes also support multi-room connectivity, enabling you to link up to three boxes and access content and recordings throughout the home.

A world of entertainment awaits with Fetch TV – all you need to get started is a Fetch Mighty (Gen 4) or Fetch Mini 4K, an internet connection and a free-to-air TV antenna. Simply connect the antenna cable to the Fetch box, enable internet access via Wi-Fi, and then go fetch what you want to watch.

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