There’s no better feeling than having a brand spanking new TV hanging on the wall in the lounge room. And a little bit of TLC will help keep it firing on all four cylinders for a long time.

Here are some top tips for getting the most out of your brand new pride and joy.

1. Turn it off
Too many of us enjoy the convenience of leaving our TVs in standby mode, but TVs, like any tech, have a lifespan. If you leave it on 24/7, you’re effectively shortening its life. Remember to turn the TV off when you go to bed at night; it’s not just good for the TV but also the environment and your hip pocket.

2. Keep it clean!
Dust is the enemy of every electrical device – it can damage a TV’s internal components and ruin the screen. Try to thoroughly clean the TV once a week at the very least. Firstly, unplug the TV and then use a dry microfibre cloth to clean the screen and surroundings. Never use abrasive cleaning products on your TV and, if in doubt, consult the manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Space, man
We all know that TVs heat up after prolonged use, so it’s important to allow plenty of ventilation to prevent them from overheating. If the TV is going to slide into a unit, you’ll want at least 100mm of space all around the frame. In a perfect world, the TV should be wall-mounted or perched on a standing TV unit.

4. Stop the surge
More and more electronics users are considering protection against electricity spikes and surges that can damage precious tech. Invest in a good surge protector – your devices will thank you for it.

Surge protector

5. Bright lights!
Monitor the brightness and contrast levels on the TV, as most are set to maximum in the factory. By lowering these settings, you can extend the life of the TV – and enjoy more balanced picture quality.

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