Life in the tech fast lane means our multitude of devices need regular charging. But the humble charger also needs some love and attention.

1: Everyone has a yanker in their life. You know, the person who refuses to walk up to a power point and unplug the, er, plug. Instead, they try to yank it out of the wall and, in doing so, cause internal damage to the cable. Always unplug your charger at the wall.

2: And on a similar note, don’t place excessive strain on the plug from where you’re using the device. If it doesn’t reach, use an extension cord.

cable care

3: While it may sound obvious, charging devices in the bathroom or kitchen where said charger risks getting wet is a big no-no.

4: The climate is an enemy of the charger. Both extreme heat and cold can cause damage. It’s advisable not to leave your charger on a carpeted floor. As you’ve undoubtedly experienced, chargers can get very hot.

5: Trailing charger cords can lead to disaster, particularly if you’ve got young’uns running around the house. Keep all your cords safely tucked away.

6: And finally, talking of tripping, invest in a decent surge protector. A sudden surge can wreak havoc on your precious devices.

cable care

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