Keeping your headphones and earbuds clean will ensure that they enjoy a longer life.

Wherever possible, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, but the following tips will help you on the road to ear gear preservation.


– Your headphones come in a case for a reason. It protects them from dust and the elements, or any unwanted prying little fingers! If the headphones you buy don’t come in a case, you can pick one up cheaply.

– Humidity and moisture are the enemy of headphones that don’t have a high IPX rating. Wipe off any sweat after use, and if they do get wet, make sure they are completely dry before putting them away.

– Regularly cleaning earpads is essential, especially if more than one person is wearing them. Use a damp, soft cloth (or unscented baby wipes) and mild soap, towel off and leave to dry naturally.


– As with headphones, keep your earbuds in the case they came in when not in use.

– There’s nothing worse than pulling an earbud out on a train with a big clump of wax on the end of it. A build-up of ear wax can not only damage the earbud but affect the all-important audio, so clean with a warm damp cloth regularly. You want to avoid getting to the stage where you need to use a toothpick or Blu Tack to remove the wax.

– Removable ear tips can be cleaned in warm water with mild soap and left to dry.

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