If you’re planning on having a family or friends movie night, why not go all out and create an experience to remember? Here are our five top tips for a top home cinema experience.

Prepare the candy bar
Chill the drinks, pop the popcorn and fill the lolly bowls prior to the screening.

Getting going
Turn off all phones, dim the house lights and begin with a couple of trailers before settling in for the main feature.

Make it a double feature
Have a short intermission in between for toilet stops and refilling the snacks. Preface the second movie with another couple of trailers.

Credits where credits are due
Let those end credits roll right to the very end (like they would in a cinema) while you discuss and critique the movie, and begin tidying up – unless of course if it’s a Marvel movie, where you’ll need to stay put for the post-credits scene.

If it’s a long weekend or not a school night, consider indulging in a triple feature with a genre theme. The more dedicated movie buffs in the family might even want to consider indulging in a ‘dusk-till dawn’ marathon.

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