It’s the time that most kids dread and most parents look to with a little relief in mind – back to school.

Today’s digital kids have a little more to consider when returning to the classroom than their parents did – with technology such a key focus it’s important to know exactly what is required for the school year, especially when there’s such a financial commitment at stake.

With this in mind, we’ve dug deep and compiled an extensive back to school guide highlighting what’s available, stripping out the often confusing tech jargon and presenting the basics in layman’s terms. So whether your student is still early into their schooling journey or prepping for the final push, you’ll find something for everyone.

But first, a few top STACK tips to make the back to school experience that little bit easier.

1: Check with your school and determine the student technology policy, as all schools will differ. Often, each school will have a prerequisite for the type of technology that is required, so before you splash the cash on a $1500 laptop, ensure that it’s compatible with the school.

2: Work to a budget and more importantly, make sure you stick to it. Look to where you can save money – what is essential for 2021; is there anything that can wait until next year? And aim to buy devices that are future-proofed.

3: Ensure that you have suitable parental control systems in place. Well known internet browsers have filters and security options in place for you to utilise.

4: It’s essential to have an excellent security solution installed on your devices that protects against viruses, malware and identity theft.

5: Many schools will have a safety policy surrounding charging devices (and it can be expensive, too), so opt for a device with a battery that will last the day.

6: You can never have enough storage in your devices.

7: You’ve seen the way your kids behave with their possessions around the house – now multiply that by ten while they’re at school. Investing in a good protective case or bag for their device is absolutely essential.

8: Utilise a good cloud-based organisational tool so you – and your kids – can stay abreast of all upcoming important dates, meetings and deadlines.