Without dwelling too much on what 2020 has delivered, there has probably never been a more important time to connect this year than at Christmas.

And by connect we don‘t just mean being able to get together in person. No, with so much tech at our fingertips, connecting could be staying in touch via video calls, gaming online through a console, or just hanging out with the family on your electric scooters. Technology has been the big winner in 2020, so it seemed obvious to us that the focus for our annual Christmas gift guide this year should be predominately tech. And who doesn‘t love tech? Even your grandparents do!

Shopping for Christmas presents can be about as enjoyable as running a half marathon with gastro, so we‘ve taken the indecision and panic that can accompany hunting for the right gift out of the equation by choosing a selection of the coolest pressies available at JB and assembling them in one handy guide. So whether you‘re shopping for your four-year-old niece or your 78-year-old Uncle Les, we‘ve done the hard yards and covered all the bases. The festive season is always a cracker and a great opportunity to come together, whether in spirit or in person, but this year it‘s going to be even better – bring it on!

Rising to the challenge

Christmas retail can be challenging at the best of times. Throw 2020 into the mix and it‘s like playing Dark Souls – using pliers as hands. Hopefully these pointers will help ease the pain.

1. Tap into the resources at hand. Nobody knows the product in-store better than the store staff. They are well trained in product knowledge and will point you in the right direction.

2. It’s Christmas, it’s 2020, and everyone is likely to be a little more stressed than usual, so it’s vitally important to be patient, have more tolerance than usual, and always remember that a little courtesy goes a long way!

3. It’s always advisable to avoid peak times. Check your local store opening times as they may differ.

4. Unless you enjoy shopping with crowds, try not to leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute.

5. If you can’t get in-store in person this year, don’t miss out on all the hottest deals in the run up to Christmas. You can shop online or speak to a sales representative directly by calling 13 52 44. If you want to get your gifts quick there are express delivery options available, or you can use contactless click and collect from selected stores.

6. Don’t feel bad about leaning on the gift card option. They offer the opportunity to shop for what you really want post-Christmas and the JB Hi-Fi gift cards never, ever expire.