Father’s Day is just around the corner on September 6. Stuck for ideas? Don’t sweat – we’ve got you covered. Read on for some general help, and tune in to STACK each day up to Father’s Day eve for more specific gift ideas.

Whether it’s your father, a father figure or just that special person who has been with you throughout your life when you’ve needed them, Father’s Day is an opportunity to show them they’re appreciated and loved. Buying a gift in general is never an easy proposition, but buying a gift for your Dad is Dark Souls difficult. They’ve either got everything they can possibly want already or they simply respond with, “Don’t get me anything” which usually translates to “I don’t know what I want and to be honest, I can’t be bothered to think about it”. That doesn’t give you a great deal to work with, so sometimes you need to channel your inner sleuth and think outside of the socks/tools/undies/deodorant gifting box.

Spend some time writing up a list of Dad’s interests to try and reveal some options. Outside of being an all-round legend with the family, what does he do on his downtime? Is there anything you can determine that he really needs? Listen out for verbal pointers, too. Before you know it, you’ll have a bucketful of ideas. If all else fails, here are some general gift ideas that might get you out of a muddle…

Active Dad

Father's Day Guide - active

Fitness is at the forefront for many dads looking to combat the kilos that haunt a slowing metabolism, and there’s a plethora of gifting opportunities for the active dad. Activity trackers and sports watches are the obvious place to start; these devices monitor performance and track health, providing the perfect exercise accompaniment. Sports headphones are another essential item to consider, and these are designed to stay on the noggin or in the ears no matter how tough the workout is. Maybe a set of smart scales to track weight loss, too?

Adventure Dad

Father's Day Guide - adventure

Camping and bushwalking are enjoyed by many Australians, so why not throw a few adventure toys into the mix when dad shoots off on his next trip? Smart watches are an essential tool for the adventure dad where GPS tracking and call functionality will keep him safe. A good camera is also an ideal gift for intrepid venturers, and if you want to take the ability to shoot unique photography/videoography up a notch, then a quality drone slung in the pack is just what the doctor ordered.

Tech Dad

Father's Day Guide - tech

Tech dad loves to be abreast of new developments in the field of technology, ready to demonstrate it whenever someone turns up at the house. Buying new tech, especially in the smart home sector where just about anything in the house can be operated via voice control, is an addictive exercise. For dads interested in technology, the opportunities are endless. You can kickstart a smart home ecosystem for relatively little cost. Maybe you could update his smartphone to a 5G model, grab him a portable hard drive, or bundle up a handful of useful accessories…

Movie Dad

Father's Day Guide - movie

What dad doesn’t like films or TV? The walls at JB are crammed with everything from triple-A titles to anime films. Documentaries cover just about every subject you can think of, from sport and history to music and true crime. Does he have a 4K TV but has yet to make the step up to 4K movies? Grab him a 4K player and a couple of his favourites on 4K and watch him marvel at the picture quality. And don’t forget about his favourite TV shows, either. Box sets make the perfect present.

Music Dad

Father's Day Guide - music

It doesn’t come much easier than this, does it? Does he dig vinyl or buy CDs? Adding to a collection is a safe bet and asking some carefully concealed investigative questions will put you (and him) on the right track. Does he listen to his music digitally? Grab him a decent set of headphones or earbuds – he’ll be forever thankful. Perhaps he’s been hinting at getting back into vinyl – grab him a turntable and reignite that passion. Does he spend a lot of time tinkering in the garden or garage? A good portable Bluetooth speaker will always hit the spot.

Gaming Dad

Father's Day Guide - gaming

Again, like Music Dad, this is an easy category to shop for Father’s Day. Here you have four main areas to drill down into: PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch. Under these broad options are a plethora of gifting ideas, from new controllers to storage cases to steering wheels for racing fans. If he plays online, then consider getting him a banging headset. And then, of course, there are the games – again, a bit of investigative work can conjure some ideas here and if all else fails, put a pre-order payment down on an upcoming blockbuster.

Cooking Dad

Father's Day Guide - cooking

The modern dad is as happy in the kitchen as he is in the garage, even if his culinary masterpiece ends up being appreciated by the dog – it’s the effort that counts. So, if your dad thinks he’s the king of the kitchen, then reward your foodie monarch with something that will help him create the very best cuisine. Could he use a new mixer or a food processor? What about a quality sandwich grill? Does he enjoy his vino or coffee? How about a wine fridge or a coffee machine?

Online or a Gift Card

Father's Day Guide - gift card

If time or pandemic lockdowns scupper your plans in getting to a store to shop for your dad, remember you can always buy a Father’s Day pressie online at JB. And should you have a dad that is seemingly impossible to buy for, a JB Hi-Fi gift card is your new best friend!

The Castle at JB Hi-Fi.

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