It’s time to upgrade your TV, but which one best suits your viewing habits? Read on…

Admittedly, with a very broad sweep of the brush we’re categorising TV buyers into three distinct groups: film and TV series enthusiasts, gamers and sports fans. Yes, we know this is a generalisation and most of us probably fall into all three categories, but if you’re buying a TV purely for gaming or watching movies, then there are specific features you’ll be looking for.


Throw on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on a PlayStation Pro played through a 4K HDR TV and marvel at just how good gamers have got it these days. And with new generation consoles on the horizon, it’s set to get even better. Some key considerations to bear in mind when choosing a TV model perfect for your gaming include:

Input lag

The time that it takes a button press on a controller to register in the game on screen is crucial when you’re playing a frenetic online shooter like Call of Duty or Fortnite, and can mean the difference between virtual life and death. The input lag is measured in milliseconds – obviously you want to aim for the lowest number possible.

Samsung QA65Q80TSamsung QA65Q80T

High refresh rate

This is also essential for gamers. Most TVs have a refresh rate of between 60Hz and 120 Hz. Let’s use a 4K TV with a 120Hz as an example. This means that the screen image refreshes 120 times per second, thus reducing motion blur. Anything above 60Hz is good for gaming.

Hisense 8 SeriesHisense 8 Series

Gaming modes

TVs come with a gaming mode that tweaks the generic TV protocols to fit the requirements of a game. Read as: ‘strips out all the flashy tech that makes the picture look perfect, optimising the TV for gaming.”



You don’t have to be a cinephile to appreciate great HD transfers of your favourite movies. And if you do want the very best in image quality, then you have to get physical. 4K UHD and Blu-ray discs remain the best media for all-round performance in the home entertainment space. Nothing else comes close. But what should you look for in a TV?


For enjoying movies at home, 4K and HDR are indeed your new best friends and the crucial factors in providing the best picture quality – 4K for the huge resolution output, and HDR to deliver a wider colour gamut and punchier contrast. If the budget permits, aim for an OLED for the deep blacks, bright highlights and rich colours. However, if an OLED is out of reach then you’ll want a full-array LED.

Samsung QA65Q95TAWXXYSamsung QA65Q95TAWXXY


In our eyes, it can never be too big. If you’re a real movie enthusiast, and you have the wall/display space, settle for nothing less than 75” and kiss the days of sitting next to someone rustling lollies or checking Facebook in a cinema goodbye!



If there’s one thing that unifies us all in Australia it’s our adoration of sport of all types. Whether you’re hooking into the footy on a Friday night or burning the midnight candle watching the Premier League, you want to be match-fit with the best TV for the occasion.


Look, with any picture you’ll want the best possible tools for the job so again, make sure that this dynamic duo is part of the package. Search for a TV with a good colour balance.

Samsung QA65Q70TAWXXYSamsung QA65Q70TAWXXY

Refresh rate

There’s nothing worse than watching live sport when the ball or player blurs. To eliminate that, you need a TV with a 200Hz refresh rate. 200Hz means the screen refreshes 200 times per second.


Viewing angle

This is a very important consideration for sports fans. Chances are – once the current climate has passed – you’ll want to share those big sporting occasions with a heap of like-minded folk. With everyone crammed into the loungeroom there will inevitably be viewers pushed out to the periphery, so choosing a TV with an excellent viewing angle is a must.

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