While automated homes are still a nascent proposition for many, it’s estimated that over 100 million households will have adopted some form of smart home technology by 2023. And the future offers up some exciting tech prospects for the smart residence over the next ten years, many of which are already beginning to unfold.

Butler robot
Yep, it’s the stuff of dreams – a robot on hand to round up all the dirty washing the kids have strewn throughout the house, make a cup of tea, or cut up all the vegetables ready for dinner. Just call out the command, and off your own personal R2-D2 will roll.

House communicator
Just as your car warns you that fuel is getting low or the tyre pressure needs adjusting, future homes will be able to relay important information such as when the water heater needs a service or the fridge is no longer running efficiently, and offer suggestions as to how to save on energy costs. In-built sensors will detect water leaks or pest damage.

Smart Clothing
We’ve got smart wearables for our wrists and even our fingers but the next step is building fitness and wellbeing tracking into textiles, so the singlet or yoga pants you wear while working out will collect all the vital data you need.

Tech-savvy toilets
It doesn’t sound very pleasant at all, but sensors embedded in toilet bowls that can scan body waste and detect disease, dietary omissions and even pregnancy are already in development.

Wall lights
No, not lights in walls but rather a wall that actually illuminates or changes colour as you walk through the house – and will put paid to the dreaded task of painting the house.

Adaptive AI
We all know that AI is going to play a huge part in our futures (Skynet anyone?) – it already is – but AI infrastructure throughout the house will learn to adapt to your habits. So rather than having to set scenes manually or via voice assistance, your smart home will know what you want to read, hear or watch when you rise for the day, or prepare the house for sleep by picking up on your bedtime rituals.

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