Appliances and gadgets are transitioning into the Internet of Things. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and amazed at how these connected devices will improve your experience, from personal wellness and how to solve a Rubik’s Cube, to sharing those precious memories captured on your phone.

GoCube Smart Rubik’s Cube
If solving the Rubik’s Cube has been an elusive dream, here at last is the solution! The GoCube is the world’s first connected Cube, so you can track your moves in real time via the app on your phone or tablet. Learning to solve the Cube in an hour is just the start. Level up thanks to stats that will improve your times and moves.

We like: The app opens up tons of fun including mini-games, missions and live competitions.

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Lenovo Smart Frame
A perfect way to showcase your special moments and memories, the Lenovo Smart Frame is virtually indistinguishable from a traditional picture frame. Its Android-based OS syncs with Google Photos to retrieve your pics from the cloud or phone, creating an ever changing canvas that will brighten any space.

The antiglare display is Full HD (1920 x 1080) and its metallic grey frame measures 376.3mm x 584.56mm x 36.5mm and weighs 4.65kg. The snap-on mounting system has a built-in level and secure cable device for connecting to the power supply. Once properly mounted, you can easily switch between landscape and portrait for the best fit. Alternatively, you can perch it on a cabinet, or set it on an easel.

From the companion app you can choose your photos for display, or pick from hundreds of famous paintings – free of charge. A colour tone sensor adjusts for image brightness to match the ambient light conditions.

We like: You can let the companion app generate a collage of your best shots, via an AI-based algorithm, and you’ll experience an element of surprise rediscovering your photos.

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Electric Toothbrush: Oral-B Smart 5000
The Oral-B Smart 5 removes up to 100 per cent more plaque than a manual toothbrush, and that’s just for starters. It features five brushing modes – Daily Clean, Sensitivity, Whitening, Gum Care and Deep Clean – and a Pressure Sensor with red LED indicator alerts you if too much force is used during brushing.

We like: A timer that works with the downloadable Oral-B app ensures you spend the recommended time on each section of your chompers – upper left and right, plus lower left and right. Especially handy for younger members of the family, there are even challenge badges to earn in-app.

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Eufy RoboVac 35c Wi-Fi Robotic Vacuum
The RoboVac 35c has built-in Wi-Fi and an app for scheduling your clean or turning it on remotely, even when you’re away. If you’re home, you won’t notice this discrete unit that’s 75 per cent quieter than traditional vacuums. It can clean hard floors to medium-pile carpets, and the generous 0.6L dustbox eliminates the need to empty after every clean.

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Ecovacs Deebot U2 Floor Cleaning Robot
If you want a robot vacuum that mops as well, consider the Deebot U2. It features much of the functionality of the RoboVac 35C, and 1600Pa suction, which is slightly higher. The 0.4L dustbin and 0.3L water reservoir can clean up to 200 sqm.

We like: You can link both robot vacuums to Google Home or Amazon Alexa, so all you have to do is give the command and kick back.

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TP-Link Kasa Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug
Have you ever left the house and worried that the iron or hair straightener is still on? If so, the Kasa Mini is the perfect solution. Not only can you control your devices via your smartphone, this smart plug gives you real-time and historical power usage. It also works with Alexa Google Home and Samsung Bixby.

We like: The Grouping function. You can control multiple Kasa Smart plugs via a single tap on your smartphone.

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Tado Smart AC Control V3+
Even if you have an AC remote with a timer, it takes effort to schedule for the ever changing weather. With the Tado Smart Control, come home to the right temperature by controlling your air conditioner from anywhere. It replaces your existing remote and connects to your Wi-Fi without additional wiring, and is compatible with all major AC brands.

We like: Use Tado to set your desired temperature and let it do the rest. With Geofencing, the AC turns on only when someone is home.

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Sofihub Secure Outdoor Adventure Pendant Alarm
This personal alarm system can issue multiple SMS alerts to assigned contacts, all at the touch of a button. It’s then followed up by a hands-free voice call to the primary contact. Voice calls can also be made to the Sofihub at any time. A paid subscription is required.

We like: The built-in GPS and fall detection, along with mobile network connection, offers another layer of protection for anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors.

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