For decades, washing machines, fridges and other kitchen and laundry appliances were designed and built for practicality. Aesthetics were never a consideration – colour-wise, everything was white or occasionally, for the risqué, almond, and these devices consumed vast amounts of electricity.

Today’s kitchen tech embraces purpose with form, ditching the vanilla for innovative designs and colours built to be the focal point of the room. Look over our fridge and laundry features as you read on and you’ll see a range of products that not only offer better savings in energy consumption and a suite of impressive features, but also appliances that look cool to boot.

Connectivity in the house, or the Internet of Things – the buzzword used to describe devices that connect over the home Wi-Fi network – now extends to the kitchen and laundry. Washing machines and tumble dryers that talk to each other? Sounds very Ex Machina, right? No, it’s right here right now. Once paired, smart laundry appliances can exchange information about the clothes that are being washed, so the dryer knows what cycle to prepare for. The only part you’re required to do is move the clothes from one machine to the other.

In the kitchen, coffee machines, blenders for that perfect smoothie, smart crockpots, and everyone’s favourite domestic darling, the air fryer, are all essential devices we rely on, and we take a good look at these and others, too, this month.

Cool tech in the kitchen? We’ve got it covered!


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