With Christmas in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to start thinking about the inevitable return to school, and with each new year comes a new set of tech challenges and requirements.

Technology is a primary focus for today’s budding students, and it’s important that they have the right tools at hand.

As parents, navigating the ever-changing world of tech can be a perilous proposition. With often high costs involved, making the right choice and future-proofing a purchase is essential.

To help tackle the tech minefield, we’ve put together a school’s back guide for this month. From Chromebooks to tablets, portable power to storage solutions, and even bags, we’ve covered all the essentials for the road back to class in 2022.


1: Check with your school and determine the student technology policy, as all schools will differ. Often, each school will have a prerequisite for the type of technology that is required, so before you splash the cash on a $1500 laptop, ensure that it’s compatible with the school.

2: Work to a budget, and more importantly, make sure you stick to it. Look to where you can save money. Aim to buy devices that are future-proofed.

3: Make sure that you have suitable parental control systems in place. Well-known internet browsers have filters and security options in place for you to utilise.

4: It’s essential to have an excellent security solution installed on your devices that protects against viruses, malware, and identity theft.

5: Many schools will have a safety policy surrounding charging devices (and it can be expensive, too), so opt for a device with a battery that will last the day.

6: You can never have enough storage in your devices.

7: You’ve seen the way your kids behave with their possessions around the house – now multiply that by ten while they’re at school. Investing in a good protective case or bag for their device is essential.

8: Utilise a good cloud-based organisational tool so you – and your kids – can stay abreast of all upcoming important dates, meetings, and deadlines.

9: It’s a good idea to make all home learning public, like the living room or kitchen, so you can monitor what’s being done.

10: Ergonomics are just as important at home as they are in school. Promoting ergonomics early can help prevent back, shoulder, and neck issues later in life.