Glenn Grierson is no stranger to STACK, having made a memorable photographic appearance some 11-years-ago when he was aligned with the movie buying team at JB. These days, Glenn’s area of buying expertise is TVs, a role he’s been doing for eight years now.

So what have been the biggest developments in TV technology over the last two years?

“The advent of 8K is a big one. Although still in its infancy, the future of this picture quality is exciting (who would’ve thought you could improve on 4K?). The other big change is consumers these days demand a quality picture to meet their requirements.”

Glenn adds that the screen size is the other big change in our buying habits. “65-inch is the most popular size now, recently overtaking the 55” category. We are also seeing huge growth in larger screens (75” and 80“ +) as picture quality has improved and consumers realise you don’t have to have a large room to have a massive TV anymore.”

Brand loyalty today is not as much of a consideration as it once was; as Glenn mentioned, customers want the best picture and feature set irrespective of the name on the TV. So what are the most popular brands at the moment?

“The old faithful Samsung, Sony and LG are always popular but we’ve also seen the emergence of the Chinese brands Hisense, TCL, and the JB Groups Exclusive brand FFalcon. Depending on the consumers’ budget and needs, JB has something for everyone.”

Finally, we ask the JB veteran what he expects to be the next big plays in the future of TV. “8K will eventually become the norm. I also predict that the 75” with become the new 55”.”

Glenn’s 5 tips for buying the right TV

Don’t be overwhelmed by size – you will adjust and be happy you bought the bigger screen.

2. Purchase to suit your needs – if it’s sport you love to watch, make sure the refresh rate is high.

3. Always update your main TV and then move the previous one to another room. It’s the circle of life.

4. Complete your TV with a quality soundbar to enhance your home theatre experience.

5. Isolation means we are going to be spending a lot of time in front of out TVs. Treat yourself!