Last year, it was estimated that there were just over 20 million smartphone users in Australia.

With 5G coverage increasing by the week, Australians have never been more connected, and more and more users are turning to mobile gaming. Irrespective of your interest in gaming, there’s almost certainly something for you to play, and they’ve come a long way over the last five years. This month we look at what you need to level up with your mobile gaming, including a look at the latest game-focused smartphones on the market.

Plus, we also run through all the basics that you’ll need to make the right buying decision if you’re on the lookout for a brand new smartphone.

Palm players – a guide to mobile gaming

Get phone smart!

On the charge – wireless smartphone accessories


…to taking a better smartphone photo

A camera upgrade is one of the biggest drivers in the decision to buy a new smartphone. And with these tips, you can be shooting pics like a pro in no time at all.

1: Clean the lens. It sounds obvious, but our phones are generally in our hands throughout the day. Fingerprints, dust and sunscreen can all lead to a blurred lens. Get into the habit of cleaning your lens
before you start shooting.

2: Learn, baby, learn. Smartphones are jam-packed with features, so take some time out and learn what they are and how they make a difference to the photos you’re taking. Knowledge is power.

3: On the grid. If your smartphone has grid functionality, use it. Employing the grid overlay on your photos will help you frame the shot better and keep the photo level.

4: Slow and steady. There’s nothing worse than a blurry skyline, so ditch the one-handed snapping. Use both mitts for a steady hold and revert to the volume button to take the shot if you can. Failing that, a tripod is your best friend in these situations.

5: Edit enhancement. Most new smartphones will come with in-built edit software, allowing a myriad of changes from sharpening and lightening images to adjusting colour and adding filters. Have fun playing with your options – it’s possible to turn an ordinary shot into an extraordinary one with the magic at your fingertips.